Circle K Store #571 / unfair working conditions

Camden, SC, United States
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I am currently an employee with this store and I go to work and do the job I was hired for. so I am getting told by my store manager that I do not do my job. I was also told by my store manager that I am being taken off the schedule for this week and when I come back I could either do my job or find something else. I honestly think she doesn't like me because I don't gossip about other employees behind their backs like the employees at this store seems to do. I also believe that the other employees aren't doing there job that they are suppose to do and blaming it on me. I took a 100 dollar bill and followed all procedures for taking it and inspected it and was called some time after my shift by Sharon Dunham and told I took the 100 dollar bill and was also told it was fake and she didn't call the police to have them come and confiscate it. she made the gentleman come back to the store and pay the 100 dollars back and kept the fake 100 dollar bill and it still remains at the store. I would really appreciate a transfer possibly within the same vicinity of my home. you may contact me directly with any questions Cell [protected]. Home [protected]. I also do not like my store manager demeaning my character, cursing at me, and or telling the customers that I don't know how to do my job right witch was told to me by said customer witch violates my right to privacy act. Sincerely Michael A Mayne.

Aug 31, 2016

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