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[Resolved] Circle K / management

1 Chandler, AZ, United States

11/4/2016, 2200 hours.

I went into a shift and decided I could no longer work for the store I was working. the previous week I had to call the store manager of store 3377 in to do the work the second shifters were supposed to have done. The previous week was my final straw, and I informed CHERRI the manager of that. EVERY single shift I worked, the store was clean for the following shift but second shift never did its job, which required me to pick up their slack. I just couldn't take it any longer. When I walked in for my shift on 11/4/2016 the store was a mess, cups weren't done and second shift left me with their jobs to do. I told them to clean the store before I clock in and they called the manager, I then received a call from the manager asking what was going on. I informed her that the roller grills were still a mess and I would not start my shift under the circumstances. she ended up saying "i've had enough of this" and hung up on me. I left the store and went to my house, I text messaged the manager CHERRI because she had hung up on me, I asked "I hope I to use the 5 months I worked my ### off for the store as a reference. Sorry Cheri but I can't work there anymore. bye" she replied "u abandon ur shift and u want what from me" I then said "okay well deuces" to her reply of whatever that means whit that gusto slang" I sent a message after reading that from her that said "if I ran your store it would be immaculate. I read the comments online last week from the customers and I agree. vye" I received a message saying "don't text me anymore after sent my message. she then replied again... after telling me to stop replying.. she continued to reply.. saying "you don't have the temperament to Handel it" I replied "Maybe not, but I wouldn't have let my employees walk all over me" then she continued to berate me by saying "you couldn't handle 50 hours a week what I do you couldn't handle 12 employees you can't even handle eight or 10 hours a week what are you talking about" then she sent another... "i said don't text me anymore I will file a grievance for you to leave me alone do not text me anymore don't make me file a restraining order"

that was when I stopped replying because even though she told me to stop she kept messaging me ad when she messaged me she demeaned me back and talked crap to me.

I would like to talk to someone who can make me feel better about the 5 months I worked my butt off for circle k. the last conversation i had with a manager has made me never want o go back into a circle k. this last altercation was absolutely unacceptable.

[protected] or [protected]

My 3 month review was immaculate.

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Nov 4, 2016

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