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Experience morning of Jan 14, 2017 at CK on 83rd ave and Van Buren.

I have gone to this CK since it opened. I actually prefer to go here than the QT closer to me. This morning, however, I was rather disappointed in the service I received from the older gentleman who works there; he drives a class, turquoise car that he usually parks at one of the gas pumps. Usually, he is friendly and courteous. This morning around 8 am, I noticed a different side to this man.

The pump did not automatically stop pumping gas into my car this morning, and so I had to manually stop the gas pump and there was a good amount of gas that got onto the concrete. I have never experienced this. So I went in the store to tell someone—and the old gentlemen is who I talked to.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tolleson, AZ Rather than be understanding and concerned, he begin to lecture me as if I did not know how to gas my car and told me that “ideally, the person pumping should be at the car” and that I was supposed to stop the pump myself. I felt he was defensive rather that helpful and concerned about the pump being defective. I thought I’d tell him so that he could perhaps look at the pump, see how much gas had spilled, et cetera. Instead, he was defensive and rude and blew the situation off as if I was the one at fault and did not know how to gas my car.

I really do like this CK, but after this employee’s behavior and handling of this situation, I really do not feel that he cares for his customers and whether his equipment works well. I am likely going to start going to QT now.

Jan 14, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    So? Pay attention to what you are doing. Unless you fill up, or go inside and pay for a specific amount of gas, the pump will NOT stop automatically.

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