Cinemark16. Tinseltown Lubbock / metal found in my popcorn

Lubbock Texasi, United States

I paid for bucket of popcorn and after eating half of the popcorn I stuck my finger with something that was in the bucket, it was a piece of metal in the bucket and took it to the front desk and showed the bucket to. An elderly lady that was the manager, and she looked in the bucket and said oh my gosh the crew forget to secure that, and grabbed it quickly from bucket and said sorry you found it in your bucket. She did not ask me if I was ok as it had sharp point, which I had poked my finger with and was sick to my stomach after I left theater. All she said was give me your name and address so I can send you a couple of free passes. I am a regular to cinemark theaters in Lubbock and have never had any problems . I am disappointed since there carelessness has my stomach still upset

Cinemark16. Tinseltown Lubbock

Apr 29, 2014

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