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Guardian - LTD

Im at my wits end. My disability ins company cut me off in Sept 2020 because no doctors will fill out a Physical Capabilities Evaluation for someone on Disability. On 3 occasions when talking to their customer service people they have mentioned to me that most Drs wont fill out the eval form for someone on disability. If I had a comp case its easy but impossible for someone on disability. I even offered to pay out of pocket for it but nobody will do it. I have been on Social Security for about 5 yrs now and Guardian is supposed to still give me a payment till I turn 65 of about $750 per month. If Guardian is doing this to me i know they are doing it to countless others. Ive tried talking to law firms however theres not nearly enough money for them to make so they wont help. I really dont know what to do...can you help? please

Desired outcome: Start getting the money they are stealing from me

Dec 13, 2015

Guardian - Over pushy Aggresive auntie promoters and rude malay staff

The Guardian branch at North point was very crowded but there seem to be so over aggresive auntie promoter and china lady promoter keep approaching the customers and staring at them even they refused their help. That day i was approached by the Auntie promoter of Darlie .I told her is ok as i preferred another brand but she keep spying on me seeing what i do i didnt like the feeling of being eyed it was rude as if afraid i will steal their things .eventually i see her toothbrush and she came again this time annoying, me i told her No politely and she give me a bad look. After another malay female staff who was plump came to see wht i was doing .Come on, of course i was searching for toothbrush ...The way she look at me as if i was messing it up was really a rude stare from them. I used to be regular there and they werent friendly or polite just acting like they are the boss.come on we are customer we dont take salary from this people, do they have to act like that? In the end i ask for the promoter name from one the malay staff but he refused to tell me and even said he informed the manager which i think not...This was like defending each other bad attitude, i seriously think buying from there is really given no service at all but only bad think twice before going there thanks.

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