Cinemark / kettle corn machine broke down still...

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hello, for the last 3 or so months the Kettle corn machine has been broke down at the weisfield mall in Olympia Washington.every time we ask the workers they say it is broken and it will be a long time before it will be fixed. This is the main reason we go to this theater in Olympia Washington, capital mall. we have been to the movies at least 5 times now and the same answer every time. When we press for a date on when it will be fixed it is the same answer ohhh it will be a long time. If cine mark is doing away with the kettle corn just say so. If they plan on switching to the powder crap in the bottle for people to purchase like regal theaters don't bother it is disgusting. We would like the Kettle Korn machine fixed or just let people know it is not available anymore.

thank you

Mar 16, 2017

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