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Johor Jaya, Malaysia
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In the 25 January 2017 morning, I was creating a new saving account. The operator had asked me to invest in some kind of "save assured plan" and not really giving me enough details about how it works and the risk. And when I'd asked experts about and knew how it depends on bank share and the risk, I'm disappoint that the operator did not tell me any of the points above, and had somehow charged me the fees of two month already. I don't know if they saw me as a 20 years old fresh teenager and somehow keep some details from me or anything but they've just kind of swallow my RM97 for two months and now my account has just a little left.
I just want to have a normal saving account for salary, why they've asked me to agree on such things without having me consider about it before activating. They should have told me more details first.

Jan 26, 2017

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