CIGNA checks / mail service or insurance company

Does any one know what happens when the postal service is fraudently misplacing certain mail. My checks are late but my bills are on time and 1 of the checks I did not receive from Cigna insurance, misstakenly as they claim left out one of the number for the house number but their system for a physical address had the whole address correct, it those not make sense but it those to them as they get to keep the check longer and catch more interest and they do not do direct deposit. The insurance company that sends the check 7 days before due but the date printed on check shows other wise, they blame the mail service. After complaining to postal service, my check arrives in 1-2 days after with the exeception of the one check that i did not receive. This month after my 3rd complaint with the postal office, My neighbors one from a block away, are deliverying some of my mail that are being placed in their box mean while I also receive some in my box. I compalint to the postal service and instead of investigating their mail man they sent a compalint to consumer affair stating that is the next highest authority, never giving me a explaination of why after i file a compalint the mail man delivers it 1-2 days later. I thought it was federal and fraudulent when someone messes with the mail. So who procecutes the postal when it is within it. I have so many stories that has to do with our system and the corruption with proof as document and recordings of course other wise i would not state this. Sorry I cant place the proof they are recordings and i do have a paper from the postal with complaint.


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