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On 11-18-17 Around 2:30pm I visited the Abemarle NC store with my mother who's celebrating her 76th birthday, my daughter and granddaughter. I was purchasing the meals for myself, my daughter and granddaughter. My mother had been taken out to eat for lunch by friends earlier so she was not hungry. The staff said they had a policy that anyone in the restaurant had to purchase the buffet in order to sit in the restaurant.

My mother suggested CiCis pizza, but could not stay to talk with us because she was not allowed in the store. She had to go out while we ate. Now first of all I would like to have you think about this policy. You mean to tell me that if a family came in and 1 kid had already ate they could not sit with their family? A group of high schoolers come in if one just wants a water they can't sit with their friends? What is wrong with this place? The lady was willing to loose 4 customers as she told me twice that all customers had to purchase a buffet? Let me tell you this is a very disrespectful policy and I'm ashamed to say I ate there with my birthday mom having to wait for us.

I will tell everyone I know that if you have anyone in your party that's not hungry don't go to CiCis pizza, cause they can't come in to sit and talk while you eat your food.

Nov 19, 2017
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      Nov 29, 2017

    The policy is no doubt a result of people saying they weren't eating but then would proceed to sneak food off the plates of the people they were with. People pull this [protected]@p at buffets all the time.

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