CiCi's Pizza / service and food

Spring, TexasS, United States

I am new to the woodlands Texas. Brought my grandchildren to eat on Saturday night at 7pm . NO food on the buffet(I mean it was empty) there was no Alfredo sauce. The noodles were ice cold. Young man (Manager I assume) standing around laughing with 3 girls behind the counter. When I ask why there is no food very nonchalant he would make some. There were quite a few people I. The restaurant and all were making comments about no food. When I did get bbq pizza there was no cheese on it. Just bread and bbq sauce. This is horrible. The cici's in Alabama is wonderful. You should shut this one down or get control of it

CiCi's Pizza
CiCi's Pizza
CiCi's Pizza

Oct 20, 2018

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