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After seeing a commercial for the stuffed crust pizza, my son and I went to try it out. My son asked for a pizza, he never got it. The table was sticky/dirty. An employee came in, jumped over the door to get into the front counter, huffed and puffed continuously, acted lazy, acting as though it was a hassle in his life to be there and clearly didn't want to be there, leaning on everything, throwing stuff from the salad bar into the cooking area, swiped a rag across the counter and dropped it on top of the salad bar. He continuously was eyeballing a person he came in with, as he was trying to give this person free food. Later, I did see him give this person a card. When I asked the gentleman behind the line if he was the manager, he acknowledged so I proceeded to tell him about the inappropriate behavior going on with this employee. A young girl next to him, whom was also in management, made herself a part of the conversation. She made faces at me, behaving very childish, wouldn't stop talking about me to the employee, other employees and even brought the lady into her actions with the person cleaning the dining room. They made me feel very uncomfortable and threatened as the employees would not stop their death stares and making faces. The very young mngt girl obviousely had a relationship with the male employee as they flirted and would not unstick from each other which was also inappropriate and i shouldn't have to experience while trying to eat. The manager, Orlando, was very understanding and apologetic, said he would address it, but everything remained the same. We left without finishing, and I wasted my money paying for a meal and gas only to be mistreated by the staff. 6 hours later stomach cramps and unbelievable diarrhea through the night was our continued end to this experience. The friend of the employee, and the employees, stood up and watched us as we left the store as they were trying to see the car we got into. Were they going to follow us home it felt very threatening. ? unbelievable!

Aug 25, 2016
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  •   Aug 26, 2016

    First off, was that the only table you could sit at? Second, why is it any of your business what the employees do? You are not the owner or manager. I wonder why people like you feel the need to manage other people's business. Mind your own.

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