CiCi's Pizzaemployee yelled at my child

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Every Saturday me and my 3 kids go to the CiCi's Pizza in Orange City. We all get the buffet and drinks which comes up to $28 and change I also give my kids $10 a piece to play games they usually play while their personal size pizza gets made because they all like the chicken alfredo. Today we were there and as the pizzas were being made my kids as usual went to play their games. Sitting at the table on the other side of the restaurant watching my kids I see my son climb up and grab something behind the basketball and employee jumps up yells hey to the top of his lungs gets the whole restaurants attention so me as a parent get up to go check and see what happened my son dropped a coin behind the basket and was just grabbing it this employee made such a scene I was so embarrassed I ask for the manager and's not the point that the employee got on to my son for trying to get his quarter it was a fact that he had to bring the whole attention of the dining room to my son when all my son was doing was getting his coin to play his game of course now I have to take my children somewhere else to eat because of how embarrassed I was I will not eat at that Orange City location again. I can't believe how embarrassed this had made. The Manager was very apologetic but I was so embarrassed because the whole attention of the dining room with on me and my children. As I told the manager yes my son probably should have came and got me and told me hey I dropped a quarter but he thought he could just grab it real quick. I don't even yell at my kids I don't understand why an employee would think it was okay to yell at my kids


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      Nov 24, 2018

    There is a thing called parenting, if you are not going to do it someone else will. Trust me they would treat your children like princes and princess or angels if they do wrong. If your son got hurt while climbing on their game structures you would sue when you were being a neglectful parent.

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