CiCi's Pizzadining area/staff

On January 14th my husband, myself and a friend went to Cici's in Allen TX for lunch. When we arrived and were greeted as normal and asked if we would prefer a cooke or water as a drink. We stated cokes and recieved our plates and cups and proceeded down the line. We got to the pizza section and there was not a single pizza there, not one. The buffet was empty, from cheese bread, to pizza to desserts not a single item was there. Trying to remain optimisitic, we went to sit down and wait for some pizza tobe laid and get a drink while we waited. When we got to coke machines, none of them worked either and in its place two liters were laid for all guests to use! I am pretty sure this a haelth code violation not to mention just disgusting considering I have no idea about any person in the restaurant. Oh but it does get worse! a couple of pizza's get set out ont he buffet so of course all the customers got up at once, so I waitied patiently until everyone was done. While waiting I noticed one of your employees, his name was Ryan go to the buffet, grab some cinnamon roles that were just laid out with LICK HIS FINGERS and grab some more. No utensils used, just his hands. Then he proceed to also grab some of the minimal pizza laid out for the customers, grab himself a drink from the two liter and take the entire plate to the line where he was preparing pizza's eat his food and prepare pizza's at the same time! Other staff memebers were cussing at each other in the back load enough for the entire lobby to hear it and yes there were several children in there. I have worked in the food industry and I know you rough days but I also know that is a defiently a health code violation. I have never been so disgusted in a restarant as I was sitting in yours that day. If by some strange miracle some one would like to call and discuss this further with me my number is 972.838.8887 but conisdering I left a message and 1/16 about this and have to recieve a phone call back, I am sure that won't happen. Needless to say, we will not be returning to a Cici's pizza and considering we have two children this is a huge loss since they often would like to go there. I will also be contacting the Allen Health department regarding what I observed while in your restaurant. Thank you for your time.
Jill Northcutt

Jan 30, 2017

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