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The employees and managers who are working in the lake Jackson TX store are extremely rude, the store is disgusting, and they don't have the ability to make the food available. When you ask for help you are met with overwhelming attitudes. They are to busy playing on their phones instead of doing their jobs. The manager to whom witness the employee that engaged in a verbal argument with me did absolutely nothing. Not even an I'm sorry.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lake Jackson, TX I personally believe that if you are going to work in a public place you should have customer service skills. There were 8 of us plus several other people in the store who witnessed the incident. I would like to be contacted about this incident asap to find an come to a reasonable resolution.
Jennifer Bostick

This is absolutely ridiculous as a restaurant and its employees that you chose to hire to represent you as a restaurant and company!!!

Nov 24, 2018
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  • Ic
      Nov 24, 2018

    Maybe the reason that the manager did nothing to the employee was because it was YOU who was wrong? I have a feeling that you are mistaking not getting your way as rude. I think a reasonable resolution should be to ban you from their restaurant.

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