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On May 6, 2017 around 7 PM, myself, my sister and our 4 children walk in to enjoy the buffet at the Lake Jackson Tx CiCi's. Once there, no one greeted us and the front counter employee just say there never saying anything to us. Once we got our plates a male employee come out of the restroom are buttoning and zipping up his pants and then comes to the buffet line and messes with the pizza. We brought up the issue to the manager and she instantly catches a attitude so we ask for a refund. She never turns around and tell the guy to go wash his hands nor did she change out the pizzas he touched.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lake Jackson, TXInstead she slams the money back in the counter and laughs about it. I feel like now I understand why no one never really goes to that CiCi's because it's unclean, the pizzas are always lukewarm or just cold, the staff are rude, and they get it from the management. If the manager won't correct it then of course the employees won't care. I've been to other CiCi's establishments and never had any issues with the service, whether cleanliness, employees, or management. This is disgusting and needing to be addressed by someone who actually care and possibly want to bring more money to the establishment because no one will go if the reviews are horrible because of staffing and management issues that could be easily fixed

May 07, 2017
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  •   May 07, 2017

    So, how do you know he did not wash his hands in the bathroom? I have had to readjust my zipper after washing my hands before. I think you are a bit rude there.

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