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Cic Experian / Scam-bad customer service, unauthorized charges!

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I'm emailing in regard to the supposedly "risk free 30 day trial period" My name is James Pruitt and I have only once viewed my credit report on your website, which was the same day I signed up for this trial period. That same day I canceled my membership because I was only able to view the credit report from your company Experian not from the other two major credit reporting companies, therefore that is why I canceled. On 4/23/07 I was charged the monthly fee,

04/23/2007 04/21 109330 POS-PURCH CIC*Triple Advantage [protected] CA 12.95

I called the number provided and the customer service rep. said he would cancel the membership and the fee would be refunded in 7-10 business days. Well I know it is only 12.95 and I didn't keep up to see if it had been refunded or not... so today when I saw ANOTHER charge from your company

05/23/2007 4447 POS PRE-AUTH CIC*CE CREDIT REPORT [protected] CA CIC*CE CREDIT R 12.95.

I was very upset... and might I add the customer service rep Emily employee ID 4233 was not at all helpful nor sorry for MY inconvenience! Basically she called me a liar stating that I never canceled my acct that day even though it shows that I have not once been back on your website to even inquire about my credit report. I have found another company not affiliated with Experian or CIC. When I explained to Emily that my card shouldn't have been charged and told her I also noticed that I still haven't been credited from last month she said there was nothing she could do except cancel my acct and credit back the charge for today... I understand it is only 12.95 that isn't the point, its all about customer service and about not being scammed!!! I told her that also I was suppose to be credited back for last month and she only gave me an address to dispute my acct!!!

Consumer info/crg
p.o. box 19729
irving ca [protected]

My time is important to me and I don't appreciate it being wasted. This matter needs to be investigated and taken care of ASAP. I want my card credited back from last month and I want ya'll to make sure that my acct is CANCELED and i am not going to have to waste time again next month calling your company and dealing with this matter. If not, I will take the time and go out of my way to make sure that everyone knows this is a scam. Post a bulletin on myspace, find every website I can that will let me tell my story and let everyone know about your company.

Hopefully this is taken care of THIS TIME!!

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  • 12
      1st of Jun, 2007
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    Same here. I had to order my credit report because my new landlord needed it and so I tried Experian. It had a big sign saying Free 30days trial and so I signed up the account. The funny thing was I couldn't even see my own report online, the screen said they'll email a private access code to me once they confirm my identity and so I waited.

    During the waiting period I found another website that provided the service I needed, in a MUCH shorter time and so I didn't pay anymore attention to Experian after I already gave my landlord a copy of my report.

    However, about two weeks ago, I got the private access code but I still didn't pay attention to the code and did not log in with that because I didn't need it anymore. BUT, today, as I was doing my bankings online, I saw TWO charges by the CIC*CE

    CIC*CE CREDIT REPORT 8003888725 CA US In Progress $ 12.95

    CIC*CE CREDIT REPORT 8003888725 CA US In Progress $ 9.95

    Both of my roommates did the same 30trial thing as I did but they haven't checked theirs yet, which I hope there's are fine...
    Heh... so yeah... I totally understand your situation, and I hope they can hurry and fix everything SOON.

  • Le
      1st of Aug, 2007
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    I signed up with the free trial thinking it would probably be a VERY good idea to know what my credit looked like. Filled out the info, and they told me they would be snail mailing me my login information to verify my address. I NEVER RECEIVED THE MAIL! So you know I never logged in, I can't. The password was supposed to be assigned and mailed to me. Now I get my credit card statement and I'm down the 12.95 for the monthly fee! This is stupid, bogus and as far as I'm concerned theft. You'd better bet I'm killing someone tomorrow when I can call them because of course by the time I get my statement they're already closed. I'm going to post something in various places about what a scam this is if it's not dealt with properly the first time. I don't like being scammed and I certainly don't want my friends to be scammed either.

  • Aa
      7th of Oct, 2007
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    same thing here today, a charge of $12.00. i cancelled my free trial the 5th day of the 30 day trial, was it cancelled? hell no. these people are losers. i am so pissed off.

  • Gi
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    I had the same problem James had, I wanted to check my credit report, and apparently there are public angecies that suggest to do it for protection from fraud. I did it through, I thought it was free, but anyone who is getting a one time free credit report is automatically enrolled in a subscription with a monthly fee. What kind of free credit report is this?

    This was my first and only time I checked my credit report. I realized that I have been charged a monthly fee of $12.95 twice when checking my online bank account, "CIC*TRIPLE ADVANTAGE 877-4816825 CA $12.95" x 2.

    I called the operator twice at 18774816825 to discontinue the service that I never wanted, and I was told that the charge is nonrefundable.

    The third time I called, they said the were going to refund one of the 2 monthly fees I was charged for.
    It is my personal opinion that this is not a transparent and honest behavior.

    I wander how many thousands of people are being charged monthly being unaware of that, either because they don't check their account carefully or because they do not understand what "CIC*triple advantage means".

  • Je
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I just discovered the same thing on my credit card, same amount and everything. It looked odd, so I went through my receipts and couldn't find that charge. I then googled the name of the transaction and came across this site. I'm currently trying the e-mail method, that way, you get proof of any feedback in writing. If this doesn't work, I'll move to a more serious step. I've done the phone tag thing with Dell already, and from the sounds of it, this is no different. I will not call unless it's a direct line.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  • Pa
      13th of Nov, 2007
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  • Th
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    I have had the exact same experience the original post.

  • Da
      15th of Jan, 2008
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  • Ab
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    when i called to cancel this subscription that i never even signed up for they asked for my social security number. when i told them that i wouldn't give it to them they put me on hold for an additional 15 minutes from the time i had waited already. they eventually came back and kept telling me to upgrade when i said i didn't want this to begin with. this is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time and money!

  • Ma
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I was charged 14.95 USD for no reason. I was promised not to be charged, since I was taking my first report, which is absolutely free according to credit reporting policies. This is like stealing money. How can a Credit reporting agency act this way?

  • Ma
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    I was charge 1495 for something I didn't ask for or want. I guess nothing really free.

  • Ch
      4th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes is not the way to go. They will have you do a trial period and put in small print that there will be a monthly charge to your account after the first month. They take advantage of our bussy schedules and bank on us forgetting that we have "free" trial with them. Then they just swipe away. I have been getting charged by them for the last 6 months not even knowing it. I guess that is what I get for not looking in detail of what is being charged to my card. Trying to pay off my credit card is hard when a credit reporting agency is charging the same account, without me knowing. At least they could send me an email about the billing. Life goes on and you learn, hopefully.

  • Ru
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Over a year ago, I signed up for the free credit check WITH STRINGS. I then cancelled the service after a couple of months of the credit watch service.

    Two months ago, my credit card number was stolen and I had to get a new one. Therefore the old number should no longer be valid. However, today I just checked my online banking statement and have noticed a pending charge of $14.95 from CIC CE CREDIT REPORT. How could they get my new number?

    My state's Attorney General's Office has a Consumer Fraud department -- as I assume most state's do. I am going to send them all the information I learn about these practices and see what they can do about it.

    Has anyone else tried this tactic?

  • Br
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I also went on line to get the free credit report about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday my account was charged 14.95 without authorization. I haven't called them yet but will.

  • Je
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    you have taken money out mf my bank account and i did not autharise it i want that damn money put back or i am going to get a lawyer and sew the ### out of you

  • Bi
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I went on line for a "free report" and cancelled within 10 minutes and it still charged my card $24.95!! They said they will not credit my card back and hung up on me.

  • Ch
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    They have been taking 12.00 out of my checking account for the past 3 months! WTF! For what?... ... Now i'm really pissed off & will be taking legal action on this matter!

  • De
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I just had the same problem with this company. I was charged 12.00 out of the blue, so I went back to check to see if they had done it before, and sure enough they hit me about 3 months ago. I have notified the fraud investigator at my bank, and I have used this website as evidence that this is a full fledged scam. has to be the most fraudulent, and dishonest website out for credit reports. To let you all know. I signed up for the free trial about 18 months ago, and canceled my account the first time they charged me. Since then they have charged me every few months, and I have complained every time. This time a lawyer will be contacting them because I can't believe a company that is advertising like is, and getting away with this type of scam. My bank has currently blocked any type of transaction coming from this company.

  • Jo
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I very much agree with yall they keep on charging my account when i have only veiwed my credit report once.

  • Sj
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    This is a tricky one, as you do get a service for the $12.95 fee.

    I was very aware when I signed up that it was just a 30-day trial, however I haven't experienced anything untoward as I have been enjoying the service so haven't had a need to cancel my subscription.

    Be careful threatening lawyers, as they are not just taking your money - they offer monthly credit reports with a full history tracker and ways to improve your score.

    I'd recommend calling to cancel (take down details such as time, date and person you spoke with) and then follow up with a snail-mail letter (make sure you keep a copy).


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