Church's Chicken / customer service

Montgomery, AL, United States

I went to church's in montgomery, al on 5/17/17 at 2:42:13 pm I asked for my okra fried hard and when I drove away I tasted my okra and it was disgusted like it had been sitting up for a hours... I went back asked if I could have my okra fried hard... me and a lady was literally going back and forth because she kept asking me how long did I want them cook. Now clearly I don't know how log the okra usually takes to be cooked but I don't feel it was right for her to give me a hassle about how I wanted my food cook when I'm paying for it. I'm so disappointed and I will never go back to this church's this really just put a bad taste in my mouth about all church's.

May 17, 2017

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