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Chrysler Financial / latest collection scam

1 Sahuarita, AZ, United States Review updated:

Today my daugher received a call from Chrysler Financial asking for me or my husband. My daugher inquired about the nature of the call and the lady got rude and hung up the phone! I called them when I got home from work and was informed that my payment had not been received and was due 15 days ago. I immediately informed the lady that I mailed my check out on January 2, 2009.

She then admitted that their post office didn't send C.F. their mail??? I am not exactly sure what happened with their post office or any other for that matter, and was surprised when she requested my payment again - Today - either electronic check or credit card payment. I reluctantly agreed to do a check over the phone. It then occured to me that I was already broke but what if they did get the check I already sent out and cashed that too? I asked her and she stated that they would cash my check and just credit my account for next month. She also told me that it would be a $15.00 fee to process the electronic check or credit card today. Then I lost my mind. What? the post office screwed you guys over so now the customers have to pay? I told her it was ###. I din't do anything wrong...she told me something about trying to contact 40, 000 people over this and I responded with "I don't care that is not my problem it is not my company" I told her I would pay it. I told her I would instead send out a check in the mail for FREE and they could just wait to get it. She had the nerve to tell me that they were already waiving my $10.00 late fee for not having received my payment (LIKE THEY ARE DOING ME A FAVOR? WHEN I ALREADY SENT MY CHECK AND THE POST OFFICE FESSED UP TO THEIR SCREW UP) but if i didn't pay today I would continue to accrue interest at a late rate until they did get my check by mail. Forget that. I refused to pay and then had to demand very nastily 3 times to speak with her boss. She put me on hold, came back 50 seconds later and told me that her boss informed her that all payments would be processed tonight. I asked her if that meant that my original check was already recieved? She assumed so. I hung up.

How many people made a second payment today and also the additional fees for doing a check over the phone? She said they had 40, 000 people to call so how much do they really make of f this scam?

I am refinancing with Capital 1

Jackie DeLaRosa
Sahuarita, AZ

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  • Bo
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    Although I agree in principle with this young lady, I'd like to add a little something:
    The payment isn't made until the transaction is completed.
    Finance companies do not run the post office. The post office is usually very sufficient, but errors can be made. The customer is supposed to make the payment (post it to the account) "on or before the due date". Several days after the due date, a late fee is typically imposed. That fee is stipulated in the contract. Some states put a cap on the late fee, others don't allow them at all.
    If you mail a payment out, and it hasn't cleared your bank, it might be lost in the mail. No, it is not the customer's fault. By that same token, it is not the fault of the finance company. However, it is still the customer's responsibility to make the payment (post it to the account).
    Look at it this way: Your company mails your paycheck to you. If you don't receive it, whose responsibility is it? You letting your company know you haven't receive it is the same as the finance company notifying you. Your company reissuing a check is the same as you reissuing the payment. In principle: no difference.

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