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On the evening of 08/15/2010 I called your 800 number [protected]) to find out what my payoff balance was. The recording told me if paid by the 26th of the month my payoff would be $796.08.
I sent this payment out by check and in the mail on 08/16/2010. I sent it to the address given to me by the recording which I noticed is not the same address I have been making my payments too. Still I mailed it to said address trusting the recording was accurate.
On 08/25/2010 I called to see if my payment had been received. I spoke with Taylor and she stated that my payment had not been received and it was late and asked if I wanted to make a payment. I explained to her my situation and she put me on hold. Once she got back on the phone she said my check was there and was in process, but would not go through until the next day and everything was good and taken care of.
On Monday night (08/30/2010) I got a call from your institution telling me that my bill is past due and there is a $15.00 late charge. Now I’m upset since I assumed everything was taken care of since my conversation with Taylor.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Colorado Springs, CO I called back the next day (08/31/2010) to talk to the floor manager (Ms. Sanghra) and she tells me I am late and asks if I want to make a payment. At this point I’m still wondering where my check is since it obviously wasn’t received like Taylor had stated prior. It had been 3 weeks since I’d sent out my payoff.
This lack of understanding and knowledge is uncalled for. Had I known sooner that my check wasn’t received I could have stopped payment, but instead I was given the run around.
I will not be paying the $15.00 late fee or any other amount over the $796.08 payoff amount I was quoted by your automated system. Check my payment history, for 5 years I have made my payment on time--everytime--Above my monthly payment amount!
As of this point the initial check has had a stop payment placed on it and my bank has sent off another payoff check to you. I want you to no longer contact me and in return I will never do business with your company again. Sending me off to collections after 3 weeks is uncalled for especially since you can go back and listen to the recorded calls to hear the situation and incompetence of your staff. You have lost a good customer and any referrals.

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      Jan 08, 2011

    I am getting close to that point of paying off my car, although I am having issues with all the extra payments not being applied to my principal like the financial whiz at the dealership said it would be. Your information you shared is good to know. So far I have always paid online and wonder if you can pay off your car online, as well??

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