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Chrysler Capital / dodge challenger and service department

1 Map 1 Municipal Place Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520, United States
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I contacted the chrysler located at croton on hudson in ny about a bluetooth problem I was having with my 2018 r/t challenger. I told the service department that water was leaking into the car and I believe that was what is causing my bluetooth's mic to work intermittently. I brought my car in for service once and the service department told me I was crazy and that there was no leak in the vehicle and the bluetooth was working fine. I had to record video and take pictures of water leaking into my brand new car for the service department to do their job and dig a little deeper. I had to get up at 5am to drive an hour and half to a dealership that I thought was top notch based on the recommendation of a friend to bring the car in for a second round of service all before a 10 hour shift at my job. The service department found the reason for the leak and despite my telling them that water was leaking through the passenger and driver side bluetooth microphones located directly over the steering wheel on the roof, that my mic could not be replaced despite water coming out of it. I spoke with a manager hoping they could do right by me I simply want what I feel i'm owed and was told essentially that because he can't make a case for it to get it covered under warranty that he wouldn't replace it and i'd have to be stuck with a brand new car that doesn't function properly. The manager and the service department cited the fact that my iphone software version isn't compatible with the cars uconnect. Okay I understand that. I told them not only do I have friends that also have the same car with the same software version as me born experiencing these issues, but I also disconnected my phone from the car and tried to setup my uconnect subscription and couldn't even do that. I had to call the uconnect from my mobile phone. The uconnect represnative even informed me that I shouldn't be having issues like that with a new car. I don't like the way the face of your company handled this situation. I'm not asking for them to give me a new car I just want my bluetooth mic to work as intended everything else is fine. All my friends love muscle cars and the challenger really is a fun cool car I just want to be able to enjoy it like them. I am so upset at how this situation is playing out I will likely never recommend or buy another chrysler product should this issue not be made square.

The dealership found the leak that was coming out of the bluetooth mic and still won't replace the bluetooth since they claim it's working just like I told them there was a leak in my car and they couldn't find it initially.

Chrysler Capital
Chrysler Capital
Chrysler Capital

Jan 14, 2019

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