Chowking Robinson Tacloban Marasbarasno available wanton noodles

I entered the store around 8:47pm before closing then there still a lot customer inside n fall in line to buy food in the store then when it was my turn and i asked by the cashier who took orders, she told me the there was no wanton noodles to served and i asked her why then she answered me no wanton noodles without any further explanation. I think this is a fast food chain whin is the brand is chowking wherein the store will serve as long the store is open until the last customer. In which the service quality of the store and the personnel were not informed and manage customer satisfaction in which i was not satisfied with the cashier who handle my concern "not serving wanton noodles" or i was not able to see any sign in which thay wanton noodles "is not available" please improve your service!

Nov 30, 2018

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