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29th April 2017 at around 11 am I have placed an order via Chowking Delivery 9-8888, spoke to Jerome & was told my order will arrive in the next 1hour. Was guaranteed I will get a P200 food voucher in case my food will arrive late. So we have waited til an hour & 15 minutes passed. Called the delivery hotline again, & also spoke to Jerome. He told me that the assigned store that should cater to us only has dining & take out orders & is not accepting delivery orders. I asked him reason why they didn't call to update us about it. Jerome said they tried to call our number but nobody answered. Told him that our home phone rang twice, we answered it but the line cuts off. We have another contact number we gave to Chowking which is a mobile phone but they didn't bother to call us. Jerome can't give me a good reason why we weren't informed ahead of time. He just apologized & said sorry for the inconvenience. We waited for the last 1 & a half hour, was waiting for our lunch when we were just told sorry & they didn't even tried or find a way to fix it. I gave up since I'm not getting any good resolution & just ended the call.

Apr 29, 2017

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