Choice Home Warranty / warranty company

On 05-10-2018, came home and realized my downstairs was extremely warm. Called Choice Warranty and they scheduled a tech from B and B Heating and Air to come out on on the following Wednesday to diagnose and fix the problem. The tech came out and diagnosed my problem (condenser and coil leaking) and the unit needed replacement. He indicate he would be submitting this information to Choice Warranty.

On 05-29-2018 another company was dispatched to my home as we did not hear any additional information from the first vendor. Today (05-30-2018, Choice Warranty called me and informed me they would not replace my unit. They stated since both the coil and condenser needed replacement I have not maintained my unit. I explained to them my unit operating since 2004 and we have had our unit maintained. I was also advised sediment was blocking and I could submit additional documentation and they would review to determine if the unit would be covered.

I am at whits end as customer service appears to look for reasons to deny claims. Could we not pursue a class action lawsuit against this company as they are deceptively advertising their services and ripping people off.

Oh the other vendor advised he could replace my unit tomorrow for $5000.00. I wonder if the vendor and CHW are working in cahoots. So unethical

May 30, 2018

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