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If your contemplating a Home Warranty service steer clear of this company. I was a member of a competitor for 18 years and switched to Choice last year after the other company reduced coverage without reducing rates. It was definitely a mistake. Choice employs contractors that can't speak English and perform shoddy work. I have a refrigerator that has been under repair for more than two months. The first technician fixed part of the problem and said he could not get parts to complete the rest. Contacted Choice and they told me they worked with the contractor to order the part. Two weeks went by and nobody showed. Called Choice again and asked for a different technician which they sent out a week later. Technician two said he needed parts would get them ordered and contact me in 4 days to set up a return visit. It has now been two weeks and no phone call and a refrigerator still not completed. Just poor non customer focused service.

Currently we had a problem with losing our heat. Contacted Choice and a service call was scheduled for a week later. Technician came out and waited on the phone for approval to do the work for more than an hour. He said he was going to go buy the necessary part and come back and install while waiting for the return authorization. He did exactly that and just about the time he completed the work Choice called and refused to cover the work, citing a contract issue or authorization. So needless to say we had to pay for the work since it had already been done.

This company has issue with customer focus and employs less than dependable technicians. In my 18 years with the competitor never experienced this type of customer disregard. Think twice before choosing this company for your home warranty needs.

Nov 28, 2018
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      Dec 14, 2018

    I chose 1 star because it is the lowest available. Choice HW does not merit even half a star. I was convinced to purchase a six-year contract for the price of five years and I did. Really stupid on my part. I filed a request for service 40 days later. In the course of cooking, our electrical system tripped and we lost power to an entire area of the kitchen and part of the adjoining dinning room. Every effort to reset the circuit breaker failed. I called CHW. They sent out a technician who came with another man. Exactly 57 minutes later, they packed up and on their way out, I had to ask them what the diagnosis or verdict was. They told me that any work requiring more than one hour would require authorization from CHW and they left. The next day, CHW had left an email telling me that I should review my contract and they pointed out that the contract does not include pulling wires and that my problem would require pulling wires. I was more confused now than when I called them. I took the time to get a clarification on what they can and cannot do. It became clear to me that I had made a $4, 000 mistake. I immediately requested to have the contract cancelled and the $980 just taken from my account returned. They only refunded $883 telling me that the rest was a cancellation fee.
    Based on the comments on this site, I called American Home Protect, LLC and signed a 3-year contract.
    After the normal 30 days, I filed for service on the same electrical system.
    They sent out a technician called Phil Turner from AMS Electrical. Phil came with one of his workers. Phil is the owner of the company and prefers to get his hands dirty instead of sitting in the office issuing orders. Phil is an Electrical Engineer, not your regular off the mill technician. Phil and his assistant went to work, taking off ceiling tiles and checking how the system was set up. Suffice it to say that Phil, whom I now call Dr. Phil was able to detect a second electrical panel in the garage that we did not know existed. The primary panel was in the laundry room. My problem was diagnosed and fixed and per my contract, I gave them the required $65. Folks, if you live in Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Farmington and immediate surroundings and need electrical work of any size, call Phil and tell him the guy who named him Dr. Phil sent you. Dr. Phil doesn't work as if he is working for a home warranty company, he takes every job and puts his signature at the end. This is a man that you need for your next electrical work. He owns and works for AMS Electrical. I will post his number if anyone wants it. I will give AMS Electrical and American Home Protection LLC 5 stars.

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