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Choice home warranty claims department are a bunch of thugs who are trained to not pay for claims, give customers the run around so much in hopes that you give up and settle. I bought two policies from chw, one for three years for my business and one for one year for my home. Their salesman promised me so much that sounded so good that I paid in advance for their services. When it came time to make a claim I was shocked! Nothing they promised during the sales pitch was actually true.
It has been nothing but a nightmare working with them! Last may, my hvac system broke down. It was very old when I bought the house. I service it twice a year and have a contract with a very reputable local company to come out twice a year to maintain it for me and I change my filters monthly. I explained the system was old when I first spoke to the salesman but he assured me that chw would honour it without inspection. When I called, the first thing they asked me was 'when was the last time I changed the filter' followed by 'when was the last time you had it serviced. ' I felt immediately like they were trying to catch me out, find a reason to blame me for my hcav system breaking down. It was alarming. They sent out a technician, it took 6 days, not 24 hours, meanwhile we're boiling and it's 104 degrees in the house! Their technician tells me it's a very old system and it has holes in it, it's leaking freon and we need to replace the unit. This is what they recommend to chw. However, when I speak to chw they ignore this fact and offer to pay for a valve and I had to pay for the work and freon which cost me over $500. I told them this was not a wise investment because the service man was standing there telling me this would patch it up temporarily but not fix the problem long term.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ashland, OR After calling customer service agent after agent and being very frustrated by this, I was sent up the ladder to their 'senior customer service manager' who proceeded to repeat the same thing as the other agents, they would only pay for a valve because everything else was secondary and I needed to pay for it. They totally ignored the recommendation of their own technician who said I needed a new unit. I asked to cancel my policies and get my money back. She screamed at me saying, 'you will never get your money back!' while I was on hold for hours waiting to be transferred to her, I had googled their company, something I should have done before buying two polices especially one for three years and paid up front, but their sales guy convinced me it was a great deal and I was saving a ton.In my research, I found out their company had just lost a lawsuit for over $700, 000. I brought this up to the senior sales agent and she said and I quote, 'that's chump change for us. You will never get your money back!'
I was so upset, I paid for the freon and labor to patch the hvac unit. Well this december the same exact thing happened but this time it was the heat that wouldn't work. They sent out a different technician who said it was too old of a unit and we needed a new unit, he called chw in front of us and told them. Their agent agreed. We were happy until we called chw back and were told they have agreed to pay $450 toward a new unit (New units cost between $6-10, 000) ! They said they would pay for a part only. I called the technician, he couldn't believe that chw would pull this and called them again on my behalf giving them the same prognosis that the unit needed to be replaced. Chw told him they would send the request to their teams to look into it further. They never did. They kept repeating the same thing. The technician and I finally conferenced chw on a three way call. Nothing changed. We were told to hang up on the technician because chw did not have three way conversations! They also refused to send me a copy of their transcript refusing my technicians recommendation and my claim! Don't buy a policy up front, pay month to month only if you do.

Jan 13, 2017

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