Choice Home Warranty / poor service

We purchased a home warranty plan with Choice Home Warranty. When we signed up they were very friendly on the phone. They stated they would send us an email copy and mailed copy describing in detail the policy conditions that would be to use within 10 business days. 7 weeks later after 4 requests we finally received the policy information. We live in Colorado and it was November so the nights are getting down to low teens and we already have snow. We turned on our heating unit and it did not work so we did what the policy said and reported the claim to Choice Home Warranty. They stated that we would have to pay our $45 service fee (which was no big deal, we already new that) and we would have the contact information for the serviceman in 24 hours. 24 hours had passed with no emails, so we called Choice. They told use that no one was available and that we were exaggerating on how cold it was in Colorado. Finally we were able to speak to manager and were dispatched a serviceman about 72 hours after the original claim was made. The serviceman came out right away and we paid him the fee. He gave us a report on what was wrong with our heating unit and stated he would information Choice and get to work on as soon as Choice gave the approval. The next day we got a phone call from Choice saying they are denying our claim and cancelling our policy and not giving us a full refund (They kept over 30% of the fee when we had the service for less than 2 months and it was a 13 months long policy). Choice stated that our heating system was rusted out, which was not what the serviceman said. We called the serviceman and he stated that was not what he said, had a copy of the report he reported to Choice and had multiple pictures of the claim. Between the serviceman and ourselves it is almost December and we still do not have heat for our house with young children, Choice has not refunded us the money and they are still cancelling our policy. Horrible customer service. We were so horrified by this experience that we reported them to the Better Business Bureau to fine out that they are rated at C- and that have received hundreds of reports very similar to ours.

Nov 26, 2016

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