Choice Home Warrantyheating/furnace

Sunday December 2, 8:35am. Filed claim. This has been assigned 3 times. Each time I called the company that was assigned and they declined the order. All 3 have had too many problems with non payment, under payment and just plain poor communication. It is now Sunday December 9, 8:35pm and I still have no heat. Claim # [protected]. I had a claim filed November 6 for the same problem but waited 5 days and when they didn't find someone to come out, I got pissed off enough to bang on a few things and get it working myself. All I get is excuses. Calling every day. Supervisor graciously offered to wave the $60 call fee. So generous.
I've gone more than a week now with no heat, in Wisconsin, in the winter, and all I get are excuses. Everyone this company tries to get refuses to work with them because they've been screwed on getting paid. This is the worst warranty company I've ever seen. They have their hands out to take your money but you're treated very poorly when it comes to using the warranty. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE! RUN! I SAY RUN AS FAST FROM THESE PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

Dec 09, 2018

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