Choice Home Warranty / air conditioning warranty

Edison, NJ, United States

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On 9/18/18 I submitted a claim to choice home warranty for my air conditioning which was not cooling. The repairman stated that I needed a new coil. Chw denied this claim stating that they were not liable for repairs due to rust or corrosion. There was no rust or corrosion on the coil, as was confirmed with the a/c technician. After I disputed this with chw, they came back with another denial stating that the a/c was already covered under the manufacturers warranty. Yes, the a/c coil was covered under warranty, but not the labor!! It cost me over $700 for this repair. They told me that this exclusion was outlined in the service agreement, but still can not find anything which excludes coverage for labor on air conditioning. I have been with chw for almost three years and find that they try to deny as many claims as possible. Very bad company to work with. Will not renew!!

Oct 25, 2018

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