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I paid two years due without calling for any service. Last month (June, 2016), my air conditioning is not cooling down the house, instead the temperature is rising on the thermostat. I filed a claim to Choice Home. 3 days later they send an email notify me to call the specific technician. The technician checked and found out the Freon is low and the coil freezes. Choice Home consider that as maintenance and so was not cover. Ok, that's fine. I paid out of my own pocket and refilled the Freon and put the leak stop. A week later, I noticed the outside compressor never stop running even though the fan is off when it reached the set temperature. I filed another claim, and they requested to see the repair which I email to them. Meanwhile I waited and waited and hear nothing back from them. So I called and much waiting later, I talked to a supervisor. She said she will send a work order out and an email to me to call the company they picked. 2 days later, still no email. Meanwhile, the air conditioner had been running non stop for the last 2 weeks! Today is Friday, tomorrow is fourth of July long weekend. So I decided to call them. To talk to the supervisor the first wait time was 113 mins! I turned on phone speaker and let it on while doing my chaos. Guess what! After almost an hour of waiting. The line just went dead! I called the second time, waited 10 minutes to speak to a rep. I have ran out of patience by now, I requested to speak to supervisor. She connected me but it said the wait time is 103 mins! Again, over an hour! Really? This is the worst Home Warranty company! I hope consumer read all the reviews here before making their decision to choose Choice Home!

Jul 01, 2016
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  • Ro
      Jul 05, 2016

    Still waiting 6 days for my central A/C system to be repaired...They customer service is terrible! They contractors are even worse! The repair companies they hired, are not reliable. They are small or 1 person companies. Tried looking them up on the BBB, you they're not even listed. Not even on a goggle search. Guess you get what you pay for. We have 6 days with no A/C, house is 90+ degrees. Still waiting for the second A/C company To show up. First company never showed up. Waiting all day for second A/C company. It's 5 pm and the tech claims he will get to me on the way home, guess I'm just a last minute call. What can he possibly due at the end of the day, when all of the a/c part stores are closed. Will ever do a renewal with this company. I'll give you a update if and when my A/C is fixed...

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