Chipotle Mexican Grill / improperly charged for quesarito

San Jose, CA, United States
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Yesterday June 14, 2017 I went to a chipotle on Cottle Road in San Jose California and asked for a quesarito unaware that it may cost extra money, because I had never ordered it before so I didn't know what to expect. My friends had told me it was a quesadilla surrounding a burrito however what I received was melted cheese on my tortilla surrounding a burrito. I watched the workers build the "quesarito-" they took a tortilla, put cheese on half a side and melted it in the tortilla press and then unfolded the tortilla in half and used one tortilla with a small amount of melted cheese to make the rest of my burrito. I was charged $3.50 so they they could use the same amount of cheese that they add to a regular burrito, to have it melted. It was $3.50 for melted cheese and no quesadilla. I was very disappointed and also out of $3.50! I would like my money back or a comp of a free burrito and some education for everyone as to what a quesarito it. I googled it easily and anyone can find out if the workers are building it wrong or not. I asked at the register about the extra fee and she stated that it's a quesadilla mixed with a burrito so it's extra money. I stated that all they did was melt the cheese and I didn't get a quesadilla and she said "that's how it works" when clearly a quesarito is not what I received.

Jun 15, 2017

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