Chipotle / cashier/behaviour

The food was good it was a late dinner with my daughter 12/03/2016 the cashier Ana Order #525 on 2280 Lone Star Dr Sugar Land, Texas 77479, ruined my appetite just over a simple drink "I had asked her for a grapefruit Izze drink and a pomegrade drink but I tough the "Blackberry Izze" was pomegrade flavor and she gave me other brand I din not see her grab it then I said "Oh no I meant the Izze"; then she rudely said that one is blackberry when I asked her if it was the same price she could change it for me and she rolled her eyes and turn mad and said "I GUESS NOW IT IS" ... then when she was going to putting my drink away I asked for it back and said to her "Never mind that I did not like your attitude" then when I went to the restroom to wash my hands and came back to eat she was talking to another employee about the issue and she was laughing and she saw me looking at her she continued to tell him and laugh pointing at the drinks "she totally ruined my appetite" before leaving I ask another employee if she was the manager and she said yes, then I just told her I had a complain about her cashiers attitude and explained what had happened and I ask her if glass bottles cost the same price and she said yes, so the cashier could just had exchange the drink for me she said yes I could not belive the attitude and rudeness she gave me.
I always go to this location because its close to my house but I am not sure I would like to see the same cashier again when she did not even apologize while I complained to the manager.

Dec 03, 2016

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