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We've ordered previously no problem with ching until our DEC orders. We submitted an order for product and notified Sara that the bitcoin was sent and the order information. The next day we placed another order and also sent notice to Sara that bitcoin had been sent for that order. no response from her for at least a week. She sent an email stating that she had sent a partial order because one product was out of stock. In the email she stated that she could give a refund or we could choose a different product. So I sent an email stating what we wanted to change it to. No response for days, and then the response I got was. Sorry our email address was overloaded this is our new email. Then no response from Sara again for over a week. She emailed us within the last week stating they closed down suddenly and were having problems with customs. For the partial order that she said she sent (she provided a tracking number) she stated that customs took it. It was accepted but never left china. Weve asked for a refund numerous times and then today we receive emails stating that they dont offer refunds. We have spent a large amount in this mistake due to the fact that before we had received our orders no problem. We now just want our money back.

Jan 09, 2017
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  • Aj
      Mar 04, 2017

    They did the same thing to me!

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  • Sa
      Apr 25, 2017

    @A.j.w. can you mail me to find your info to see if indeed we never ship you nothing? we had some problems with customs indeed but this is because the new DEA regulations and the offices they have opened in china

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  • Eb
      Mar 21, 2017

    Yes everyone Sarah zhang is the biggest lier and the queen of excuses I placed order a month ago I sent her 185 dollars took 3 weeks to get first part of order then I received a bogus tracking number which she was supposed to check and get back to me now she won't answer any of my emails so it goes without saying her business ethic sucks big time the excuse though r quite comical first they ran out of packing bags then there were no workers in the warehouse to fill the orders then best 1 the workers were stealing the product to b shipping WTF !! Please think twice before ordering from Sarah the lying scammer

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  • Sa
      Apr 25, 2017

    @Eboy we already discussed this in another post and thru my mail box. I would kidly ask you to remove this offending comments about my person.

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  •   May 10, 2018

    I dealt with shingles for over two years, with only one issue, I received a cannabinoid agonist instead of the chemical O
    I ordered. When I informed of the error, I was sent five grams of the closest chemical the had, instead of the two I'd ordered and paid for with sincere apologies. When the shut down maintenance, I was told they had discovered an employee stealing and infiltration their chemicals and were in the process of assessing the damage and trying to correct the issue disposing of the altered chemical where necessary and terrifying the purity and exact chemical, some of which the embezzeler had altered. They told me then, they expected the process to take about two weeks. A month later, still down, I sent an impassioned letter attacking the SEA has a bunch of cold hearted hypocrites, while addressing the authorities in case they had been detained the behest DEA, defending the employees as the kind honest people the are, deriding them for arresting their own citizens for crimes O felt certain they didn't know were being committed. Furthetmore, I reminded them of the opium war, where the British government, in cahoots with the east India company force China at gunpoint, killing Chinese soldiers in the action to allow unlimited imports of cheap opium, knowingly addicting millions and God knows how many lives were destroyed by the cheap addictive imports.
    I then asked why would they prosecute their own citizens for the West a dose of its own medicine.
    Then offered own body, and real life American criminal in exchange for the release and pardon of all the people at chinglabs, saying they would be welcome to execute me in the streets, but also told them they'd have to provide the airline ticket as I'm relatively destitute.
    I received a call from someone with a thick Mandarin accent asking if I was me and did I send the email, which I confirmed.

    Two days later I received an email that they still correcting the stock issues but that they hoped to be finished soon.
    They said, they weren't sure if our communication were being monitored to the degree earlier post had implied

    But thanked me for the deeply emotional missive, saying that I made their day.
    I assured the! that they are, I guess China hasn't allowed their media to the revelations of the NSA's "collect it all, save it all" strategy".
    I never heard from them again, I hope they realized the potential danger they were in, and just stopped. I worry that the Chinese authorities realized that I had foolishly realized that that information isn't supposed to be known and arrested and likely murder good people.

    I guess it was a matter of time before the ugly long arm of the hypocrites in the dea reach out to destroy them, but they were never a scam, just honest buyers and resellers.
    And they're all alive and happy doing other thing, I'm glad, but if they were arrested, tortured and murdered for my folly of telling them the truth, I wish them better worlds, and he everyone of the law enforcers who actually harmed them a thousand rebirth as pigs.
    It wasn't a scam, if you lost money, they probably are rotting in a prison
    or sadly no longer on this world.

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