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When I purchased this ticket I was told if i wanted to change the date I would pay
1 - the difference in price plus
2 - a 50.00 change fee
I have and am trying to change the date where the price of the ticket as shown on there website is less than the flight i alreay have.

First they sent me an itinerary which is much much worse start 1am with a 9 hour layover and charge me 99us.

When I asked for the same itinerary the sent me a quote of 523.00 us even though t clearly shows on their website that the flight i want is cheaper than the one I have.

When asked for a refund I am told there is 150 cancel fee and that would leave me with 0.00 refund

So on one hand they are saying the flight I have is not worth as much as the one I want to change to (even though it shows on there website it isnt. On the other hand when I ask for arefund they say the flight I already have is worth much much less (nothing after fee)

Secondly there is now way to change this on their website. When I telephone there is extremely long delays. first time nearly 2 hours on hold. Currently I am on hold now for over 1 hour. When I finally did get through they will not tell me the price to change but say they will give it to the "Calculator Department" and get back to me. It is evident that they make it extremely difficult to communicate with them other than the original purchsase of the ticket which i contrast is very easy.

China Air
China Air

Dec 01, 2016

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