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Chidrens Hospital Boston / Malpractice and Discrimination

1 300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA. 02115Boston, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 617-355-6000

I am an adult born with physical disabilities that cause my body to still need pediatric sized medical equipment. I have had all my medical specialists at Childrens Hospital Boston since 1968.

In May 08 I went to Childrens Hosp Boston's ER with adominal pain from what ended up being a knotted up lower intestine blockage.

I was in acute distress, projectile vomiting, doubled over in pain, begging this hospital to help me, while Children's diagnosed and then dumped me against me and my families wishes on another hospital across the street from them with no childsized equipment.

The adult hospital and surgeons immediately begged Chidrens to take me back to do my emergency surgery because they had no experience with my disabilities and had none of the right sized equipment or staff trained to impliment pediatric sized medical care but Childrens still refused.

Due to this situation I had my nose broken by adult sized tubes, neck spinal damage from the endo tracheal tubes being too big to fit down my throat, PTSD from having to be intubated awake with no sedated.

Childrens promised communication, and my medical history with the adult hospital but only provided one chest xray, unanswered paging, voice mails, that delayed my failing body from the surgery I needed for many many hours.

Because the adult hospital had no pediatric sized equipment blood test, blood pressure, foley catheters etc basic health care was not possible. I was operated on blind of being able to get the preop blood test every human being needs for safe anaesthestitia, blood typing, clotting, etc. The surgeons had to cut my groin open to get the blood they needed from an artery after life threatening surgery was in progress.

By God's will I survived but now have untreated additional medical problems from the ordeal of being injured in a medical care setting unequiped to handle my complex needs.

Adding insult to injury Childrens Hospital Boston has since rewritten my medical history to make me appear on paper to not have been in any pain or medical distress while in their ER May 08 and changed my disability suddenly from the infant onset they've treated since 1968 into a fictional 'adult onset'.

This sudden document switch is now causing me delays in medicaid covering my already existing essential daily medical care because on paper I don't appear in true need of childhood disability and the complex care needs resulting from it.

I have contacted Childrens to fix their flawed documentation of my records but they are still passing on the buck almost a year later.

If anybody here can help me find advocacy, justice, and ways to get this hospital from abandoning other patients like myself please email me at

I'm not looking for money. I'm willing to go public to raise awareness on this issue.

I want the world to be aware of the harm that can happen to people with fragile medical conditions who need pediatric sized medical settings no matter what age they live to be.

A person should not have to be harmed or die because their body stayed small while they have lived on beyond the age of 22.

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  • He
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    I have to say that this is one of the single worst medical malpractice cases I have ever heard of..Quite frankly, as awful as it sounds, one of the only ways you may be able to find advocacy is through the media. Perhaps contacting an attorney on your next move would be the best idea at the moment, and from there possibly contacting the media on the issue.

    Sadly, it seems as if the only way to get any advocacy anymore is to publicly shame the people who have wronged you.
    As if for some reason, as long as people keep their mouth shut then everything is okay, but as soon as someone blabs THAN changes start to happen. When they shouldn't have ever NEEDED changing in the first place.

  • Lb
      9th of Sep, 2013
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    we had a similar problem at Boston Children"s Hospital in August 2011 our disabled 22 year old dsughter has a rare pediatric (neonatal onset) metabolic disorder She is on a restricted specialized diet and if there is a probkem with her diet she starts having seizures . in August 2011, due to a nationwide drug shortage, one ofthe components needed to make up my caughters diet was no longer available to our local pharmacy but Boston Childrens Hospital had some. When our daughter started hsving severe seizures herphysicians at Boston Childrens told us to bring her to the ER right away
    Our experience in the ER horrible. Although our daughter was acutely ill and needed emergency treatment, no one wanted to admit her snd xuggexted that I take her somewhereelse for treatment When she kept having seizures in the ER, I called the HHS office in Boston to report anEMTALA violation Our daughter was admitted to the MICU at Boston Childrens two days after hrr admission she was constantly having seizures yet the Neurology Department tried to transfer her to BIDMC without our knowledge or consent . We found out about the tranxfer whena BIDMC physician asked about our daughter's underlying metabolic disorder
    Guess one of the ADULT hospitals learned from your case BIDMC felt our daughter should remain at Boston Childrens sine all of her conditions are pediatrc and Boston Childrens is bettet suited to msnaging patients with pediatric disorders
    Sorry that you've hadsuch a hard time since your surgery Your story has helped us understand the problems that older patients with "pediatric" disorders face on a daily basis did you find physicians to help you manage your condition??y

  • Su
      9th of Jun, 2014
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    Good morning,

    About six years ago I went for a part time job interview at Boston Children's Hospital. My friend had referred me for this every other weekend position. I was interviewed by two white manager, one man and one woman. I should disclose that my first name is French and my last name is Irish but I was born and raised in Panama. Once the interview started the female manager said that she was not interested in hiring any Latino person, she went on to say that the previous employee that was from Panama and the reason is no longer working there is because he cousin in Panama had passed away and she requested permission to go back home to attend the funeral. Despite not getting the required management approval this employee left and went to Panama to attend her cousin's funeral. Apparently this is the reason she lost her job and now these two managers were seeking someone fro a different cultural/ethnic background. The lady that interviewed me said that she didn't want to hire any more Panamanian or any Latinos since they have a very different definition of what nuclear family is supposed to be, she the said " Cousin are not considered close family members in the USA. So if a cousin dies I don't expect any one to take days from work to attend a funeral, I need reliable staff. I then quickly informed them that I was also Panamanian and that if I receive a call that one of my cousins has passed away, I will attend the funeral. The guy manager, turned red and started yelling "Oh My God. Oh my God"!!! he was really embarrassed and ashamed, he put his head down and I quickly got up and the interviewed ended. I obviously never got the job!! I am not the type of person that likes to complaint or manage conflict well, so I never filed a formal complaint, but this experience has bother me so much. I hope that HR can take a look at this and provide more diversity training to their staff and question hiring practices that seemed to exclude certain groups of people.

    Suzeth (email:

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