Chicken Licken Pietermaritzburg. Church Street & Boshoff Street / service by manager

Pietermariztburg, South Africa
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I have always been buying from Chicken-Licken since I have worked in the Pietermariztburg CBD.I have been buying buying almost everyday from the restaurant and getting good service.Of late I purchased 4 Chicken Wings and w3as served by the on of the Mangers who's name is Slii.I only asked for a plastic bag but the manager refused on grounds that the order is too small while all along i was served my take away with plastic bag.even when i beeged the manager to buy the plastic from the store, he just refused straight to sell it to me.
This shows inconstancy from the store as this one the first i was told such.Plastic is can be used in may ways and important irrespective of the quantity of the food inside.I was really dissatisfied by the service i received from the shop...It was clear that they lack care for thier customers. I will no more buy from this chicken licken

Apr 5, 2017

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