Chicken Expressmilitary discount

I tried to use a military discount and was told that I ordered a $5 lunch so no discount. I have ordered this before at this location and 2 others and have received it and am now told NO. I think their buisiness has fallen off and they are cheaping out. They also tried to charge me for ranch jalapeno 25 cents. I have decided that Chicken Express is stingy and now will no longer eat there. I hope it was worth it to not give me my due. Just to let you know Mc Donalds in La Porte tried to skrew me over 65 cents for a syrup over 20 years ago and I get my breakfast at another resturant. I figure they have lost over 7K at this point. There are chicken resturants on every street and not cold chicken either.

Nov 25, 2018

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