Chicken Express / bad customer service!!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and always crave Chicken Express tea, so I go there just about everday. Well, yesterday I went and got a chicken basket for my 2 year old and a tea and when I got home, I tasted the tea and I immediately knew it tasted off and not very good at all. So I drive myself all the way back there and go through the drive thru and tell the man that I come here often because I love their teas but how the one I just got tasted old or something else was wrong with it. He then continued to argue with me about how nothing at all was wrong with the tea and I said "well maybe someone else made it wrong this morning or didn't add enough sugar?" And yet he continued to try to make me feel dumb like I was just making up the whole thing by saying "nope, no same person made it and its just fine". Only thing he did was say "well, you can have a soda instead" Never once apologized. So I just drove off. I work in customer service and one thing you ALWAYS learn working in customer service is not to argue with the customer! This guy was a jerk.

Dec 02, 2016

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