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On Wednesday 4-26-17, I went to Chevron at 3760 Imperial in Inglewood, CA 90303, and cashed in a $10 lottery ticket. I placed the $10 in the machine and pressed for a $3 dollar ticket and 2 $1 tickets and I am. It quite sure if it was a 5 dollar ticket or 3 due to the fact I forgot and the ticket did not dispense. I notified the cashier who asked me to return tomorrow, as he had no access to the machine, and they would be able to give it to me or return my money-once they figured out the ticket was stuck. I could not return the following day, as I am a college student and full time worker and had class, but I returned the next day and a Rosa stated, she checked it and there was no ticket to come back. I came back the following week, she was not there, and the same cashier said wait to speak with her. I had weeks of school year reports and finals and made it back today [protected] at 4:30 pm and she was there. I asked her did she ever find my ticket and she got a real bad attitude and said I have a 5 a 10 and another one- I interjected that I came and said that my money was lost and I was not sure if it was -she interrupted and said look it wasn't there maybe the machine issued it late or somebody got it. I reminded her that she told me to come back and everytime it's he same deal. I would not keep returning if it was not a lost for me she got loud on the store and I walked away to fill out my lotto slips and said I hope I win, due to you taking my money, I'm not broke and it won't break me but you are hollering at me like I'm lying and I wouldn't keep coming up here if I was lying. She proceeded to open the machine to explain how it worked and I refused to look.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Inglewood, CAI continued filling out my form and walked to the counter-as another problem ensued, prior to me filling out my slips, by another cashier-whose name I did not get. I cashed in the ticket from the last visit and he gave me the money and I said oh I wanted another ticket he said, "How was I suppose to know that?" I told him, "You never asked me, either?" They both were rude and discourteous! Rosa not only yelled at me she yelled in front of other customers so I asked her, "Who can I contact to make a complaint about you?" She told me to contact the lottery. I explained I don't need to contact-she interrupted me again and said contact them, look on the machine- I said I want to make a complaint on you, she said look on the window for the store information I asked her would the information be there she said yes. I looked there was no information. I went back in the store asked her her shift hours and for the store information and she said here is a receipt rudely. I want to complain in this employee for being rude, inconsiderate and belittling me in front of people as if I was wrong. I'm not trying to get rich. I have been in your store plenty of times, I will take the lost, but what I will not take is being yelled at, called a liar and refused a refund or replacement when the employee explained and told her that the situation had occurred. If I recall correctly she was rude that day as well. I have waited patiently for her to investigate and she said that it wasn't a $3 dollar ticket when I told her that the $3 ticket was one I had purchased as well and I was unsure. She said she would know once she checked and when she did there was not ticket there. My lost, I get it but she needs training on her ethics and people skills.

May 19, 2017

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