Chevronstore attendant's customer service

L Nov 27, 2017

On thursday, november 23, 2017 i decided to go to Texaco in Palisades, Hawaii to put gas. As i entered the store i immediately heard someone saying "you better get out of the store before i punch you out Linell. I going [censored]+! Punch your face. I going broke your [censor]! Beat it!" As i looked up i saw Dawn, the mother of my boyfriend's kids. I did not know that she worked there and didnt say nothing, i turned around to exit, and she grabbed my hair and punched my head and kicked the back if my knees to try to make me fall and pushed a man that was standing in line in front of her. There were two cashiers and they just laughed. I just turned around looked at her and told her" just wait. They're gonna hear about this." And i left the premises. Yes, there is a problem about her accepting that it is over between her and her ex, my boyfriend, but to attack a customer while on duty is an act of misorderly conduct, and this incident must be solved immediately with termination of your employee Dawn at palisades texaco on oahu, Hawaii or further action will be taken. You can reach me at [protected] or email me at [protected] My name is Linell Kealoha, her name, Dawn. I would like to know what has been done because i do visit this texaco in palisades often and i do not deserve to be harassed by this woman.

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