Chevron / poor service

Pembroke Pines, FL, United States

Chevron Gas Station
10255 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, FL

I entered the gas station to pre pay my gas. I paid $35.00 but only pumped $32.00.

I then returned inside to receive my refund of $3.00. I approached the same employee (Evi, an older hispanic woman) that had charged me just a few minutes prior when I first arrived and informed her of the refund.

Immediately I saw she was not understanding what I was saying and quickly got defensive (this usually is the case when there is a language barrier).

So with grace and patience, I continued explained it to her again, in hopes she'd understand better. At this point the manager saw her frustration with me and quickly intervened and began to take control of the issue and explain to me that the computer charged me $30.00 not $35.00.

The manager refused to even look at my first receipt that had the amount of $35.00 and began printing other recipts to try to show me that I was wrong.

The two receipts she printed out for me and claimed was mine, had two completely different amounts...leaving me more confused and concerned for how much my card was actually being charged.

During this entire conversation with the manger, the employee (Evi) was interrupting, rolling her eyes and saying rude comments in Spanish about my "ridiculous" behavior. I'm guessing she was under the impression that I did not speak Spanish because I was only speaking in English, but I understood her.

I asked her to please remember that the customer is always right and at this time I was discussing this matter with the manager, not her, therefore I did not need her commentary...she still continued.

I left very confused with the three different receipts they gave me and the information on their refund policy.

It was very sad to see the lack of respect, patience as well as, the disrespect I felt for wanting clarity on the refund policy to make sure I was being charged the correct amount.

Janelle Sanchez

Oct 17, 2017

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