Chevron / gas pump

Tacoma, WA, United States

I had made a visit at Chevron gas station 10404 Portland Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98445 on May 7th 2017 as I was pumping my gas I notice the pump was leaking gas on the ground so I stopped pumping as I pulled the pump handle out of the tank it started spraying gas everywhere on my car all over the ground and none of it made it into my tank.. I proceed to tell the Cashier working at the time that her pump was not working she stated that she hasn't had any problems or complaints with that tank and that she cant do nothing about it. I just wanted my money refunded back for the gas that I purchased was all over the ground and the pump to be closed for any one else that might use it. ( which for the whole time I was there she proceed to mop the floor inside the building instead of even looking at the pump and seeing what was happening, or close the pump at all. A customer in the store at the time came out and looked at it and went back in to tell the cashier that there is a hole in the pump and it all over outside ) and than she refused to call the owner till I walked out the building to grab my kid from the car that had gas all over my tank and tire for I was scared of her safety of sitting in the vehicle with gasoline on it. She never while I was at the store even cared to take a look at what I was talking about so I took photos of the pump and the gas on the ground and my car. Today May 9th 2017 called to speak about the situation again and was told by another cashier claiming to be a manager that i'm in over my head and will never get refunded and that he will call me when he wants and that she later that night looked at the pump and the ground and said that I lied about it, and no gas was ever on the ground for I have photos with proof of the pump with a leak and it on my car tank and near my tires on the ground. she still denied a way of me reaching the actual owner and proceed to tell me to let it go cause she will not fix the situation for she believes I'm lying. I have the receipt of my purchase and photos of what happened to me at that store location. I want this situation to be resolved and the employees to understand what to do when gasoline is leaking all over the place.

May 9, 2017

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