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i think your online bookings will only go well IF (big IF) you have no contingency plans on cancelling due to unforeseen circumstances.

I made a minor mistake in keying in the name of my friend, and quickly send in a change notification within 12 hours (less than that, probably within 4 hours). Unlike other websites where they will put in their terms and conditions before the user confirms, this bloody site doesn't state there is a high administrative fee if you want to change any details after it goes through.

Okay, painful lesson but what to do, sent it in. You would think a simple name change can be done without much hassle but NOOO... they said it cannot be done and I have to pay for a new ticket. I called Emirates directly and the staff promptly told me a name correction can be done for a $50 fee but I had to go through to request for the change.

Incredulous BS; I asked the latter to cancel the ticket and the staff said that would cost me $375. He then told me that they would refund me the previous payment if I went ahead to buy a new ticket. He then sent me a payment bill, which overall looks like the price difference is cheaper than cancelling, so I went ahead, thinking all will be good.

I even called again to ensure that everything will be fine, and the next lady staff said yes, refund will happen in 45-60 days (which I thought was stupid anyway but no choice).

Today, I realised that NOT ONLY did charged me for 2 (TWO) flight tickets (I only need ONE for my friend), Emirates also charged me on their end! I thought would be the only one charging me and was a done deal, but no, they actually double charged me and it went through to my credit card!

It took 4 times to get through to their helpline and request that they refund me all my money that they wrongfully deducted off me. And the final lady staff still said it's not under her jurisdiction - she had to refer to her booking department, which is probably that same rotten guy whom I spoke with earlier.

I'm so pissed off that I have filed a dispute with my bank and re-booked via Expedia instead. Jeez man, what a load of publicized scammers. Seriously, people, don't be like me, read through all reviews before making your purchases.


Jun 5, 2018

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