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horrible customer service

I am very unhappy with the level of service that I received from Cheap Tickets.

On April 8, I booked a roundtrip flight on their website. Today that flight is listed at $200 below the price I paid. While I understand that prices fluctuate, I also know that changes can be made to even non-refundable tickets.

When I decided to call customer service for help, I could find no phone number listed on their website. I used yahoo search to help me find the number to call. This is ridiculous.

My first call lasted 45 minutes. The woman was not helpful at all and hung up on me with no explanation.

The second call I spoke with two other customer service representatives. I was on the phone for over an hour. When I hung up, my problem still was not resolved.

I am extremely disappointed in the way I was treated. I have used both Travelocity and Expedia in the past, and have never experienced anything like I have in dealing with this company...even when we had to make changes to a non-refundable ticket.

  • Valerie Nov 26, 2008

    I booked a cruise with CHEAPTICKETS and have been ripped off!! I booked during a promo with $100 promised on a balcony cabin and I am NOT getting what i was promised! I have tried numerous times to find out where my on board ship credit is and when it is coming only to find out that my cruise for next week will be a sinker due to the fraudulent misrepresentation of CHEAPTICKETS!!!

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  • Go
    Gobber Jul 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On January 10th, 2017, I purchased a vacation package from Chicago to Cancun to take place between March 24th and 28th. On the morning of March 24th, my boyfriend and I arrived at Midway Airport at 4am, two hours before our flight to Atlanta was scheduled to depart. We had, in our hands, our confirmation email from with seat assignments as well as paper tickets sent to us by the company. You can imagine our concern when the Delta employee handed back our tickets and told us, “You have no reservation with us. Your reservation has been canceled. I cannot help you.” The next nine hours were spent waiting at Midway airport, making phone calls to customer service, the airlines, and our hotel. We learned that all other flights (Atlanta-Cancun, Cancun-Charlotte, Charlotte-Chicago) and our hotel reservation were intact. However, without a flight to Atlanta or another flight to Cancun, we would lose our entire vacation. We were hopeful that would do everything in its power to get us on another flight to Cancun, but nothing of the sort was done. We also learned from Delta that this reservation had been canceled by on the same day the package was purchased (January 10th). This was obviously very distressing news.

    We spoke with a total of 15 customer service representatives on March 24th, all in attempt to rectify this situation and get to our vacation destination. Instead of providing assistance, we were often put on hold for up to an hour at a time, disconnected, or simply transferred to another employee. The end result was our being told that we could not be put on another flight. We never even received an explanation as to why employees canceled this reservation.

    I am now receiving harassing phone calls from an employee of Cheaptickets. She claims that I will find MYSELF in "financial trouble" if I do not send back the original airline tickets to Cheaptickets. This request is being made 4 months after the vacation was to take place.

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  • Br
    Brot Nov 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have booked and purchased an air-flight ticket through (

    A day later they have called me to confirm the purchase.

    The ticket ended up to be a ticket with restrictions (travel dates coundn't be changed).

    They have ommited to mention this either during the booking process, or on the eticket or

    during the call they had with me.

    When i have brought this up with them they refused to take any resposability.

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I booked a multi destination flight to New Zealand and to Australia and had multiple different options for the days that I wanted. I booked, they charged me and then 2 days later I got an E-mail saying that it could not be validated. Naturally I called them to adjust the flights or find something that would work and they found something...for twice the price. It went from $1355 to $2400, the whole reason was because the flights I had chosen had 'too short' of a layover for an international flight. After wasting an hour on the phone with them the customer service rep finally said she found something for $1500 she gathered my card information and put me on hold for about 20 minutes. When she came back she said that wouldn't work either. So an hour into the conversation I gave up and told them to cancel the whole thing out. 4 days later I still didn't see the refund at my bank, I had to call cheaptickets and have them con call my bank to get the bank to revers the charge. All in all the system the use is not very accurate and just caused a pain and a huge waste of time. I would highly recommend NOT using them if you want it to be easy. Just go directly to the airline you will most likely get the same price.

no refund

I purchased a ticket in March of 2008 and had to cancel my flight on April 29, 2008. (# AP270301WVG6K68K) I...

have not received my refund after 4 months

I agreed to a "trial" membership and was asured that I could cancel within 3 days and no charges would appear on my credit card (8/26/08). 8/27/08 I called and cancelled the offer and again was assured that I would not receive any charges... 8/26/08 charges appeared on my credit card... I called and was told that I would not receive any refund until I returned the documents... I immediately retuRed the documents when I finally received them and received confirmation from the post office that the company received the documents. I keep calling and the message I get is "my refund is being processed" 4 months later...still have not received my refund.

Now I only get a recorded message when I call.


I was given misinformation which resulted in me losing over $600

I would just like to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service from

I had canceled a flight reservation last year to Seoul due to unexpected family issues. I had talk to a customer service representative who told me that all I had to do to re-claim the credit from that original purchase was to call and book a new flight by June 18, 2017.

However, when I called on June 18, the rep from Cheaptickets said they no longer had access to my account and told me to call Asiana directly.

I called Asiana and they told me that I was supposed to have flown by June 18, not book the ticket by this date which the rep from Cheaptickets told me. On top of this, Asiana would be charging $200 for cancellation.

I called back Cheaptickets and after explaining my situation to the first rep, he told me he couldn't help me and had to transfer me to the international department. So I had to explain my story again, and this time the gentleman told me that it was "clearly advised" to me that I should have flown by June 18. On top of that, he said that this was a non-refundable ticket! So on top of all that's happened, I cannot even get my money back.

Wow, I had good experience with Cheaptickets up until now. I was given misinformation which resulted in me losing over $600. On top of that, you make me wait ridiculously long on the phone.

Just sorely displeased.

  • Valerie Aug 22, 2008

    I needed to change my flight from Seattle back to Cleveland by one week. I called on Aug 18, 2017 and they said that there were opening for the 26th and 27th for the $400 fee for changing the flight. That is $150 per person for fee and $50 per person for united airlines fee. Two of us equals $400. The lady from India I was talking to told me there were plenty of flights open on 26 and 27th for only the $400 fee. I called back on the 19th and the new person from India stated that all the prices went up within the last 12 hours. On the 27th it would now cost me $900 per person and the following even sept 1, 2, or 3rd would cost $900 per person. He said prices are going up as we speak. The 26th of Aug would cost $638 total for both people. I kept asking him to recheck and I would take anytime and any day. I asked why it costs so much more then what I was quoted 12 hours before. He only said prices change minute to minute. All five days that were available 12 hours before were now gone and my last remaining choice is now $638 more. Not counting that I already paid $775 for the original flights and they get to sell my other one-way ticket to someone else for $638, so they made double the price. I took it.

    Then I checked with United and I could fly on Sept 1, 2 or 3 for $191. Per person. My total would be $362 total if I would have just bought from United directly. Instead I paid $638. And if I had bought for Sept 2 then I would have paid $1, 800 from I called and the next person stated that I paid $238 too much, but he couldn't do anything. Then I got to talk to a manager. He said that the person that sold me the ticket was correct. I agreed to the price, no matter if it was incorrect or not. He listened to the recording of the conversation between me and the agent that sold me the ticket. He said unless I stated that I wanted an overnight flight he couldn't give me a refund. I told him that I said I will take anytime over the two-week period, whatever is cheaper. He came back and said the agent stated that 11:55 was open and I said I would take anytime next week or first week of Sept. The manager said that 'anytime' could mean any day, not time. So the agent could believe that I only wanted 11:55 am. Then he said that the agent could have thought that I only wanted the same price as mine, not anything cheaper because I did not ask for it specifically. This is because on the recording I stated that I only wanted to pay for the $400 fee and see if there was anything out there that was the same price as my original tickets so I would not have to pay anything more. He said that there was something out there cheaper my original airfare price and since I did not state that I would take a ticket that was even lower then that then the agent would not know that I wanted something cheaper then my original price.

    So I asked him to give me all my money back and they could sell my seat and make profit and I could pay for a cheaper price directly through United. He would not. I asked for my $238 back, which I paid over what I should have. He said he could not, even though I had called back just 4 minutes after the transaction took place. I had just found out that there was a mistake but they did not want to help me.

    So they blackmailed me out of the money by stating all the prices were going up as we spoke and now there was only one day left that was $638 total-and everything else would be $1800 total. The price jumped up that much in 12 hours, so I was afraid not to take it. I thought if I called back the price may be more or not there at all. If anyone is out there that is going to sue them please let me know.

    Also I am an Emergency Medicine Resident. Contrary to what people think we don't get paid much during residency. We only get $42, 000 per year and most of us have $300, 000 in student loans that we have to pay off-not like thirty years ago. I have to pay $2300 per mo in student loans. So every penny counts right now.

    Ok, thank you for listening.

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  • Tr
    troyskow Aug 19, 2009

    My checking account is suddenly being charged 11.99 for a supppoed deal with great fun on discount deals that i supposedly signed up with when i booked my last vacation with I called them and they gave me a speech and a confimation number that it was canceled but checking my account its still on there. My sister said that they did the same to her and they never stopped for 6 months taking 11.99 out of her credit card account. If you google tlg great fun it shows that they are taking advantage of everyone and i would appreciate some help stopping these low lifes in what they do.
    Troy skow

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  • Dr
    Drummer Dec 14, 2009

    This online agency really knows how to screw things up. Bought round trips to Florida from NYC and was unable to get record locators from the airlines. Turns out cheaptickets bought the tickets but didn't actually complete the booking. That's about as much as I can understande before my knowledge of airline booking ran out. Eventually and after hours on the phone with the airlines and cheapotickets they corrected the problem, but what a pain!

    Hope when we show up to the airport they're actually flights.

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  • Al
    Altove Feb 23, 2010

    First of all, i hope that the owner of this company know about what is going on in his company!!! the customer survice are unprofessional and they are not willing to help as their work require. Since i bought my ticket, 2 airline changes happened. My flight is international so i have to consider time betwenn connection, they left me with less than 40mn connection time!!! they refused to change my flight and they refused to find me a solution??????? is this what they are hired to do? anyway, i cancelled my reservation and asked for a refund!! After looking to many complaint websites, i discovered that all customers complaint about not having their refund! Am waiting for my refund so that i can buy another ticket, i need to go home urgently this summer!!! please who ever read my complaint from the company, please ensure that they issue my refund! And I suggest for the owner of this company to have a committee that review complaint websites out of customer service people!!!

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  • Kn
    knut Aug 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to use a credit that I have from Cheaptickets. They tell me that they can not help me. I have talked to four different agents on the phone and talked to their supervisor. All persons told me differenet information. They all refused to listen to what I was asking. The supervisor was the most rude person I have dealt with and finnaly they refused at all to deal with me, transfering my call to the airlines that the reservation was made from. Cheap Tickets yes and cheap attitudes to go along with it. Never should any customer be subjected to their type of support.

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scam charges!

I booked flights on After returning from the trip, I noticed a charge on my credit card for travel insurance. I called the company 'access america' to dispute the charge. They explained that as of dec 3, you have to opt out of paying for travel insurance when booking on and could not issue a refund over the phone. I emailed the company and was promptly refused.

I emailed cheaptickets and they referred me back to the the insurance company. I saw no mention of travel insurance. I never buy it. This is an abuse of my credit card information. Its theft.

They will never get my business again.

  • Mi
    Mitch Apr 01, 2009 failed to update me when the airline I was booked on changed their flight time. Missed my flight.

    Cheaptickets looked up my itinerary when I called them about this and told me 'We have you leaving at 1:30am March 30th', which was the incorrect time (apparently, the airline had changed that a few months ago to 11:45pm the day before). So cheaptickets did a little research and found that indeed the airline had changed flight time.

    When I asked for compensation for their mistake, they tried to claim that they sent me an email informing me of the update... guess what, they were wrong again: they said 'we sent you an email on Nov 9 about the change', to which I replied 'well guess what, I hadn't even bought the ticket yet on Nov 9 but I do have an email from you on Nov 22nd that I leave at 1:30am March 30 (i.e. the wrong schedule!)'.

    So they said they would give me a $30 voucher redeemable from

    I think they can stuff that voucher up their behind because I'm never using ever again... and if you decide to go with this company for your flights... make sure you at least double check with the AIRLINE about flight changes because cheaptickets, secondary to their incompetency, will just continue to give you the wrong information... and try to say it's your fault.

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  • La
    LatJ71 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They refused to give me my money back after I canceled at the hotel face-to-face, the manager of that hotel Chanchal P. said I would have my money back if I deal with the company that I reserved it in. When I contacted the company, the hotel manager completely refused to refund MY MONEY, even when I canceled in advance, and then she sold the room to someone else, right in front of me! So in a way she is stealing my money and getting from the other person who used those rooms.

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pitiful customer service

The following is an e-mail that I sent to every e-mail address I could find. (if you know any others, please let me know.)

We spent three hours on hold on tuesday the 29th of may trying to change the return leg of my mother's existing flight. After that time they took the info (including new e-mail address), credit card info for price difference, etc...

On wednesday the 30th of may I called back, since we had not received a confirmation e-mail, and spent another hour and a half trying to get the guy on the other end of the phone to understand what I wanted. I do not have anything against someone in another country... I have a problem when they can not understand me and vice-versa and it is wasting my time trying to make them understand! I have a problem with cheap tickets saving theirs dollars by wasting my time!

I resent cheap tickets for not giving me an easier way to reach someone in this country that I can communicate with when needed. Not only could I not understand the two reps, but I could not communicate with their supervisor or the "special" department I was sent to either! (the "special" department was needed since I was trying to do something out of the ordinary, like confirm a ticket change.)

Please understand I will not use cheap tickets again or recommend you. I was perfectly happy with orbitz before and was lured, not by "cheaper tickets", but by a better schedule. I will take the red eye from now on if it means I can use orbitz and not your company.

If you ignore customers complaints long enough, they will eventually stop...

  • Ta
    tara Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had recent issues with Cheaptickets showing one fare for a search and then when you press buy the ticket jumps hundreds of dollars! It's not like the airlines changed anything between the time I searched and clicked buy - that's always a possibility, but I performed the search several times over several days, so in this case it's not a possibility!

    I'm actually replying to tell you not to use either - they're actually the parent company of, so they're the bad guys, too!

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  • Da
    David Brown Aug 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased tickets and the insurance policy for flights for three from Milwaukee to Kansas City. I found out later that our third party could not come due to work purposes, and we also needed to go a day earlier. We called cheaptickets, and told them we purchased the insurance, and we informed them that we needed to make a change in our plans. They told us that it would cost us an additional $2000 even to do so. We felt that this was an unfair cost, and we have chose to purchase our tickets elsewhere and we saved $1900.

    On return trip, we needed to return earlier, so once more, we called cheaptickets. Apparently, we had to state that it was an emergency change (life threatening). We, at that time, verbalized our complaint with costumer service at cheaptickets. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THESE PEOPLE EVER AGAIN!

    P.S. we did purchase tickets from the airlines at an additional cost.

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I will never use them again!

My husband and I had to fly to Chicago, from California for a funeral. Since it was short notice, I went through to get a lower priced ticket.

I got us both tickets and noticed that same day they "reserved" the money in my checking’s account.
The day we had to fly I didn't check my bank account, we had to be at the airport early. We got to our destination, with no problems. Until I tried to get the rental car, my card was declined. Since this was a unexpected trip, money was a little tight, but I got the rental car through and the hotel was very inexpensive, so it was do able, we were only staying 3 days. My husband had to put the car on his card and we knew that was it. He was taking care of all the bills at home (either of us have a credit card, we only use our ATM/debit cards). So we get to the hotel, I tried to put the room on my card (its was cheaper than the rental car) but again my card declined. The lady behind the desk was so nice to allow me to use their computer so I could check my checking account. I noticed that a new charge of $320, then another for $320 was made to my account that day, along with two separate over draft fees of $24 (since I didn't have the money in my account). I also noticed cheaptickets was still holding the $640 reservation fee for the flights, even though I was charged that day. (Each ticket cost $320 each). I didn't know what to do. All I needed was $210 for the rental car and hotel room, but I didn't have it, they were holding onto it.

I called back home, to my in-laws house and asked them to get us customer service number, in the meanwhile, my mother in law called the hotel and put the room on her card, she didn't want me, who is pregnant sleeping in a car for two nights.

I called the number and after being put on hold forever, I finally got through to some guys, who barely spoke English.

I explained to him the situation and he said there is nothing they could do about it. He said they never "hold" money, even though the amount help was the exact amount the plane tickets cost and it was the exact day I initially "bought" the tickets. He said he was looking in my account and only charged me once, which wasn't true, they actually charged me twice, each ticket separately. He said I need to call the bank because they are holding the money. I told him my bank was closed, its a Credit Union and they are only open Mon - Fri and I was calling Sat night... banks aren't open at night either. My bank doesn't have an 800 number, where people work late. But in the past my bank has never done this, weekday or weekend. I had this happen to me once before by a different company and when I called it was a simple minute and the money was released and I told them that and he said he wouldn’t do anything. The guy kep t putting me on hold and each time he came back on line, he was very mad and "bothered" by me. I told him I was done speaking to him and asked for a manager and he said the company doesn't let people like me talk to managers. He continued to put me down and be mad at me and told me the money problem was my problem and if it doesn't get better by Mon call him back and he will see what he can do. I told him if he could fix it Mon then he needs to fix it NOW, that we are on the phone. He said No; it’s not his problem. He put me on hold, this time it was close to an hour. I waited, I needed my money. Finally he asked me for my phone number so I gave it to him and he said the manager would call me back.

I was upset, crying and gave up. I didn't know what else to do, but at least my mother in law got us the room and we had gift cards for different restaurants. Right after the funeral I get a phone call from a manager, I told him what happen with the money being held and about the conversation I had with his employee and he asked me to hold on and when he came back he said the money should be there and asked if there was anything else I needed. I told him about the 2 over draft fees and he said he couldn’t help that. I was still upset about the guy I spoke to the night before but he never apologized or anything for his employee's behavior. We hung up, I went to an ATM and the money was released, this was on a Sun (when my bank was definitely closed).

I used cheaptickets so help us out, but in the end, they caused more heartache, as if we weren't suffering enough. I will NEVER use them again.

  • Sh
    Sherry Lauter Mar 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a hotel reservation from for a weekend in Savannah. When the girls got to the Red Roof Inn Pooler in Savannah Friday March 16th for the weekend they were informed by AJ Patel and later confirmed on the phone by Sam Patel 912-748-4050 that they have never received a confirmation from Cheap Tickets even though the girls had the physical confirmation with them. After 10 hours and numerous disconnects with cheap tickets, one agent who was unable to transfer a call Maria ID# 013036 and being informed by Marcus Id# 67446 that $174 is my rate and they will not charge me more that that, mighty noble of them since my confirmation was for $69. I was than transferred to and informed by Denise - Agent Id #MZA, at Cheap Tickets that they will not stand behind their product and it is our fault and we are liable for the additional charge of $212 plus taxes the only refund that they will offer is the $5.00 booking fee. They will offer no customer support and Denise Agent ID AZM is the highest level of elevation that I can speak too. That in fact cheaptickets does not honor the confirmations that they issue, that the hotel has the final say on the rate. My question is than what is the purpose of using cheap tickets?

    In speaking with both the hotel and cheap tickets, both offer conflicting stories and excuses, they have sent two faxes to the hotel according to cheaptickets and according to the hotel they have received nothing, the net outcome is we were stuck with the additional charges. I believe that it is a hotel scamming 4 teenage girls because they think they can.

    Please do not use cheap tickets or stay at the Red Roof Inn in Pooler Savannah this is a scam. In fact Red Roof Inn Corporate also is not cooperating and standing behind their company. Please boycott all.

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  • Am
    Amir Ali May 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I second that. I had to cancel my booking last year and was told that I will get credits instead of a refund. This year I applied for a refund by sending my paper ticket back to them through mail, and now they claim that they cannot find my original booking on their system so they cannot give the credits.

    Please do not use, they are fraud.

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  • Da
    david b bennetts Nov 10, 2009

    November 12, 2009
    They are a fraud!! I purchased a ticket for my daughter to come out to San Diego over the holidays. They charged my credit card but will not send me a confirmaton or my flight schedule. I have called them 4 times and have written endless numbers of emails. They will not help me since I do not have a flight number. They were to email this. I called the airline and they cannot track this flight or my dauthers name. This is very frustrating but I will not give up. When you book a flight: DO NOT USE CHEAP TICKETS. It is not worth the frustration. Go with a known company. There are many.

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  • Da
    david collins Jun 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cheapticket is a fraud and cheat. I booked honeymoon tickets to Las Vegas
    with cheapticket in Mar, 2011 because they had promotional show tickets if booked with them that month. 1 month before the trip, I called to confirm thoses tickets and how I obtain them without a voucher. I'm told to go to the hotel ticket office and they will have them for me. That turned out to be a lie, and 3 days before the trip was to end, I called and called and was told call the next day and they will contact their hotel contact to see what happened. I said just e-mail me 2 vouchers and you can sort your mistakes out later. They told me they need to do an investigating that will take 3wks. Never use Cheapticket.
    That same month I checked for the show tickets, I looked at my flights again, and found they had been changed, to different airlines with different arrival times. Cheapticket says it's the airlines fault, OK, but WHY wasn't I told of these changes that ocurred 3wks after I booked.
    They claim they sent emails..NO YOU DIDN"T..the guy tries to send while I'm on the phone and they didn't come thru. he actually, manually sent the changes and then I got them, but that was 1 month before the trip.. Had I not just decided to review my flights, I would have never know.
    Thanks a lot for nothing SLIM-TICKETS.

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