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Warning, Stay away from this company! I've been dealing with them since Dec 3rd. I ordered a Dyson Vacuum. I was charged within 2 days after placing my order. Never did get a tracking #. Item never received, Heather 1st blamed it on weather and the item was shipped late. Then they told me it hadn't been shipped. Finally on Dec23rd I canceled the order. Charge was not removed from my card, they "said" they changed card processors, could not remove the charge and then said they would issue me a check. Even gave me a check #. I never received it. In the meantime they told me not to file a dispute with my card company, then finally in Feb after many emails (all of which I have copies of), I went to my bank and filed a dispute. This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with, their customer support stinks. Don't believe a word they tell you (Heather & Karen). If I can keep just 1 customer from ordering from them it will be worth my while. I don't want to communicate with this company any more. I spent over 2 months getting nowhere with them. I just want to warn other consumers.


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