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Chase Circuit City Credit Card / Chase/ Circuit City

1 P.O. Box 15292Wilmington, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-477-6761

We been paying our card for years and never sent a late payment. Recently we started remodeling our home and for some reason last month we had a few bills that we never received. One of them was our Chase/ Circuit City Statement. Today, I received a statement and to my surprise, I had a friendly reminder with a $39 late fee. My husband decided to give them call, since we are always buying from Circuit City and always maintain a balance, but never sent a late payment before.
He could not believe how rude and disrespectuful their customer service was. He was told they couldn't wave the fee. They simply did not care... My husband decided to payoff the balance and closed the account. Please do not be a victim!!! Do not apply or accept Chase Cards. ...

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  15th of Mar, 2007
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Circuit City / Athomerewards / Smart Savings - Unauthorized credit card charges
United States

After buying online I've received 2 charges from athomesavings for $1 and another one from savingsmart for $2.99 --- both unauthorized... DO NOT CLINK ON ANY POP UPS OR LINKS WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE FOR ANY REASON... INCLUDING BIG NAME RETAILERS IN THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY.

I can't believe that after doing business with one of the big name retailers on line for years they are not happy with my "patronage" and they ripped me off with for a miserable $3.99.

  20th of Apr, 2007
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Circuit City / Lg 19' Lcd Monitor - Never did work right!
United States

I purchased a 19 inch LCD monitor from Circuit City in January of 2007. It never did work right. Circuit City said to call LG for service. I called LG and explained the problem. A customer service rep wanted to know if I had replaced the main cable to the monitor. Sometimes they go bad. I replaced the cable. It didn't work. I called back and was told maybe the video card was bad. I replace the video card. Still didn't work. Returned video card. I called back to LG on April 4 and was told by Brandy that they would replace the monitor. I had to give them my credit card info first tho. In case I didn't return the defective monitor. So I did. I called back on April 6 to see if there was a tracking number. I was told by Brandy that the monitor had not be shipped yet. I received an email on April 9 from LG stating
"On 4/9/07, customerservice < customerservice AT> wrote:

-----------Reply to Customer Enquiry------------

Dear Dave, Thank you for inquiring of LG Electronics. We regret the trouble you have experienced with this service arrangement. Our factory service division was closed on Friday. It is for this reason that the replacement monitor has not been shipped. Your new monitor should arrive at any time now. For further information or troubleshooting, you may contact us at 800-243-0000 for LG Customer Service assistance. An agent will be glad to assist you. Thank you again for contacting LG Electronics. Neil E-mail Administrator Customer Interactive Center LGEAI"

On April 11 I called to check on monitor. I was told that it had not been shipped yet. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that there was not one available. But one would call me back. I received a call in about an hour telling me that the reason I had not received the monitor yet was that they did not have one in that model. They were going to send me one that they thought was comparable. I bought a 19lt, I want a 19lt. is that asking too much. I still don't know where that monitor is. I had to purchase a new monitor to keep that section of my business going. I can't wait on someone who lies. (Excuse me) LG calls it "giving wrong information". I want LG to refund my money and come get the defective monitor. I shouldn't have to go through the trouble of having to wrap and ship it back. I have spent enough time on this problem. My time is valuable also.

  18th of Jun, 2007
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Circuit City - Extended Warrenty - Gross negligence!
United States

Yea, about 3 years ago I bought a Avaretek laptop at CC at the cost of about 1,350 dollars. Almost enough said if you ask me! I was asked to purchase the extended warranty and in so period had the salesperson clarify 3 times that it would cover my laptop repairs if the screen "Broke" no matter if it "Cracked" of course with the exception of dropping it on the floor! So, I went ahead and agreed to the additional 320 dollar purchase due to the "Excellent" customer quality service available if say my computer just needed some "Help". The damn screen "Broke" during the process of "Picking it up!". Can you believe at this point I have called to get it fixed under the "Warranty I purchased" and they "Won't cover it." I would say this is a "Gross negligence" on their part at "Misrepresenting a service in order for financial gain."

  26th of Jun, 2007
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Circuit City / Magnavox 27 - Can't get my product fixed
United States

I purchased a Magnavox 27" TV from circuit City on 05/30/05. I called on 04/14/07 to have repair work done on the item- it is now 06/25/07 and my TV is still broke. This is after several attempts to have the item serviced. The service man that came out has been unable to fix it after all this time. He never has any tools, and is forever coming back to try to fix it. I have spoken to several people about my problem and have yet to get any help. I feel like I purchased an extended warranty for nothing. This is the worse service I have ever received and I will never shop at Circuit City again, nor will I recommend you to anyone. I guess I'm left paying for a TV that I will never be able to watch. Thanks For Nothin.

I have even tried to go to the Excalaiton Dept. And spoke with Roy Webb and he will not even return my calls. I also told him everything that I have told you in this letter. I have been spoken to rudely by your customer service people, and was told that I was refusing service because I did not want the same service man to come out. That is not the case - He has been out more than 5 times and has not been able to fix it - nor does he ever have any tools to work with - I supply him with all of them. I had someone here at my home for 2 solid months so that my TV could be serviced - in that time - he has been unable to fix it - so why would i want him to come back out. I even left him a message letting him know that the person that was here all them times would not be available. I called him on a Sunday and told him I needed him to come out either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday after that there would not be anyone available. He never returned my call nor did he come out to repeat the TV. As a matter of fact when I called to put in a complaint they wanted to set up a service date to come out look at my TV - why would I need to do that when the person that has been out here has not returned to fix it. Wouldn't he have called me back to set that up??

I feel like my money for both the TV and the In Home Service was nothing but a waste - money that I should have thrown down the drain. Because neither of them is of any use to me. I paid for both a TV and Service that is apparently useless. I have even tried to just get the TV replaced to no email. Nor have I ever been offered a refund of any kind. I wasted my money with Circuit City. The next time I need any type of Entertainment equipment - you better bet I won't be going to Circuit City. All I wanted was my TV fixed and none will help me - This is the worse customer service I have ever had.

Rebecca L Dickey

  27th of Oct, 2007
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Circuit City Hitichii 60& Hd Wide Screen - Tv keeps going out. I paid extra for extended service contract difficult to get someone out to look at it.
United States

An E-Mail I sent to the CEO on 10/26/2007
Dear Mr. Schoonover C.E.O Circuit City,
I am a Circuit City Customer located in Longview TX. In late 2003 I purchased a 60 wide screen TV from our local Circuit City store on this day I spent close to $5000.00 on the TV, TV stand and a Home theater sound system. Shortly after I got the TV in my home I started having problems with it I called the local store and a service man was sent out after he worked on the TV and could not fix it the decision was made to replace it with another. When I got this TV (Sony) it also had problems. I called again and another service call was made. At this time the store offered to replace it with a different TV (Hitch). About eight months went by with no trouble. I loved the big TV that I had saved for a year to purchase. Then it went out, the screen went to many different shades of pink. Another call was made for service. When the service man determined that the projection engine had went out and need to be replaced. After it was replaced things went well for a bit then to $700.00 Home theater sound system started popping loudly, enough to startle you no matter what volume it was set at. I called the store and found that. I had not purchased the extended warranty. So this was a $700.00 loss one year and 3 weeks after my original purchase. Now on October 19th my big screen TV went out again (remember this is like the 5th issue with items purchased in 2004. So I called again for service on 10/22 with no return call from anyone I called the next day. I was told the number for Cooper TV and told to call them. I did this and the service company “Cooper TV” told me that they need a faxed service order. I told them that Circuit City had done this the day before. After looking she found it and said “I don’t have time to schedule an appointment”. OK I called the next day same story. I called Circuit City again and asked if someone else could come fix the TV? I was then told a 24 to 48 hour bid would be put out and someone would call. On 10/26 after getting no call back again! I called Circuit City, she called and I was told they would be out by Tuesday next week. During this ordeal and many wasted phone calls I figured I would call my local store in hopes that they would help me. The Tech supervisor told me he could not help me. I asked to talk to the store manager but he was not in the store. I then asked if I could have the District Store Managers phone number and was told that they don’t give out his number. I am not sure why but apparently he does not do Customer Service. I know you are a busy man and don’t have much free time, I work in the automotive industry and don’t have much free time to enjoy “me time”. Before sending this letter I went back to my local store to talk with the store manager. This is the 3rd time I have tried to get in contact with him and he has returned ZERO calls to me. I talked to the assistant manager explained my issues to him in detail and asked him why the store manage had not returned my calls. He told me that he was busy. I told him I was sure that when he got this last message he would return my call, but he did not. Again I asked for the District Manager and was told “we don’t do that and it is not company practice’. I then asked what a District Manager does. Customer Service? Apparently not. I have left out some calls and poor service but if I wrote everything down I would be here all night. My intention is to post this letter on any site that will take it until Circuit decides to listen to the voice of a unhappy customer!
I ask you Sir do you feel your Company has done what it could do for me and my many problems in a short time. I feel they have not and from what I have seen thus far it doesn’t look good for me.

Thank you for your time.
S Welton

Longview Texas

Case # 24872
City Advantage plan #
Receipt #

  4th of Dec, 2007
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Circuit City - dishonest thieves
circuit city
United States


  16th of Apr, 2008
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I would like to send this complaint. I hope it goes to the right person and not ignored. I was at the Pasadena store late last night to purchase a 65" Misibishi TV and I specifically asked how it can be picked up this morning.Salesman said just show original receipt. I am a doctor and have no time to do so. I rented a pick up and arranged for my employee to pick it up. The manager refused to release the TV without my presence. I also offered to fax my driver's license with authorization, he still refused. NO effort was done to satisfy my issue. It cost me money to arange this delivery. With this frustation, I will take my time to return this item and will never purchase any product form your store. I will also post this complaint on every website that I ran across.

  20th of Apr, 2008
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Circuit City - Terrible lies, customer care 0
Circuit City
New York
United States

ALL STATEMENTS ARE FROM MY EXPERIENCE, AND MY OPINION FROM YEARS OF BEING A CIRC CIT CUSTOMER. This is a very bad thing, but there is no limit to their lack of customer-care or customer non-appreciation. They are terrible. Lets hope your children do not have car trouble in their presence. After making my purchase, I needed to use a phone book to call a tow-truck. No big deal right? Wrong! This was in the morning when the store had just opened, and there was no-one else around. Just the clerk and I. I ended up having to go to another store in the plaza to use a phone book; I did not make a purchase at this other store, and yet they were civil and humane in their efforts where CirCity employees could not conduct themselves and made every attempt to seek fulfillment in the unfortunate circumstances I happened to be in (Bad People). I was very polite, and made a point to stay out of the way, but the staff was clearly bent on being inhumane and down right hideous in their behavior. Keep in mind I was the only person at the "customer Service desk" and stayed out of the way. The clerk ceased the phone book and as an opportunist would do, he attempted to monopolize on my plyth in typical Cir City Fashion, making jokes at my expense. Sickos work There! I had been a long time loyal customer, Since then I have discovered their closest competition (BeBy) seems to be much cheaper (average $10-$20 cheaper) on the same items.
MORE Important, Prior to this I bought a Lap Top. It took several trips to the Store to get it, because the staff would not give me the Item. They kept trying to sell me NORTON with it, I kept explaining I did NOT want Norton and why. I just wanted the Laptop. Several trips back and forth to the store I got the computer. Then they wanted to sell me the Extended warranty, I explain over and over that I did not want it and why. They proceeded to lied about the Battery replacement and con-ed me and my dad into buying it (hassle free battery replacement, they send you a new one you send the old back, LIE, LIE). The lies resulted in me purchasing the Extended Warranty that I did not want. My battery is now bad and I cannot get a replacement, as argued by the staff (Lie) when I made the purchase. I have to mail it in and wait to see if i get one back. Not as described (Lied) to sell the warranty, and why I did not want it in the first place. Lie no "good faith" and hope to receive one back, this is exactly why I did Not want the warranty as I explained and then they fabricated (Lie) about the battery replacement process. I do not have a functional battery, because of the complications in dealing with the staff. They get Belligerent, as Liars do! Lies and violence go hand in hand, that is how lies work. Yelling at the customer is the violence and it makes the victim just give up. increase Profits, as opposed to honoring the warranty at the expense of losing future sales makes no sense at the corporate level, but at the floor staff competing to sell warranties, it Dose. They are bad, shop around to get the best deal, because they do not care about their customers in my experience and everyone (strangers or not) that I have talked to agree. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE STAFF ARE TELLING YOU ABOUT THE WARRANTIES.

  28th of Jul, 2008
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Circuit City Audio Installion - Bad Installion
Circuit City
406 West Loop 281
United States
Phone: (903)234-2334

I had a CD player installed in my boat. Well the installer hooked it up wrong and when I tried to go out to the lake the next day, My boat would'nt start. The wiring was wrong and made my amp have power all night and therefore drained my battery so bad a cell went bad in a five month old battery. I called the installer he advised me to cut two wires on the harness until i could bring it back. All Management wanted to do was hook it up right which would be a 1.97 toggle switch. I thought they were a store that would stand behind their work but instead i learned a lesson. I paid for a new battery and still had to wait until the next week to get my radio to play. i took my boat out two times just to look at a radio that wouldnt play. what's right about that?

  30th of Jul, 2008
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Chase Credit Card For Circuit City - Promotion Scam
United States

I bought a new computer at Circuit City for about $1000 on a 3 month no interest no payments deal on my Circuit City Chase credit card. I use my Chase Credit card for other purchase as well. When I got my bill I sent in my payment for the total of the purchase, and they applied it to the promotional balance first. So I called to say, how can I take advantage of the promotional balance? They said you can't because of the paying promotional balances first. So I said I would like the finance charge reversed and I'll pay it off. They refused to reverse the charges, even though I paid of all current charges, and still have 2 months on my promotion. Oh, the finance charges total $13.81, big deal. I wonder what's the cost of customer acquisition?

Conclusion: Chase Credit card promotional balances are a scam because it is impossible to take advantage of them and still use the card. Chase bank is difficult to work with and seems to be attempting to get rid of me as a customer. I think their strategy is working.

  4th of Oct, 2008
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I had a Chase/Ciruit City Credit card since 1998...It has remained inactive for many years. (Paid in Full)
All my credit cards are paid on time.
I was notified by Equifax that Chase/Circuit City has place a NEGATIVE mark on my Credit Report Stating that I filed BANKRUPTCY in August 2008.
I have spent the entire moring on the computer and on the phone trying to figure this out...
I have no idea how much time and energy this is going to take to try and straighten up?
This is news to me...

  16th of Nov, 2008
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Circuit City - Camera purchase
United States
Phone: 310-227-3118

I went to 4 of the Circuit City stores to purchase a Canon 790 digital camera.I went to store #446 first and they were out.I then went to Store #408 in Lakewood and they also did not have it in stock, They called another store and they said they had 1 left and got my name and would hold it for me. I went accross town and when I finally waited to be helped they said that they did not have the camera. Needless to say I was frustrated with Circuit City and thought that I would never shop there again, but then I decided to write this letterto see if this can be resolved. I also went to Target where they had the camera on sale for the same price as Circuit City, but I did not purchase the camera there.One of the main reasons was that I have a Circuit City card and would have used the card for this purchase.
Danny Sorensen

  30th of Nov, 2008
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Circuit City Rewards Visa - Interest/Fees
Circuit City
United States

I applied for this credit card thinking that it would be like other credit cards but it is not. It like a loan shark! No kidding. I strongly advise that no one apply this card. Should you obtain this card you will have to pay off through another source because of their interest rate charges. My interest rate is 82+%. Who ever heard of such a thing. No wonder this company is in bankruptcy. I plan to report this problem to the Attoney General of NC. This is the state that I live in. I can't accpet a company behaving in this manner. It is simply too out of bounds ethically. Their prctice is a crime. hope that they are charged with this in a court. I realize that it likely will not happen. I

  3rd of Dec, 2008
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The same thing happend to me.
In my opinion these people are no better than any hustler on the street.

  19th of Dec, 2008
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Circuit City - Awful service
Circut City
United States

Bought a lap top in the beginning of 2008. Was suppose to get a 200.00 rebate but the techs in the Fire Dog dept. thru carton out when programing the lap top. Therefore I had no UPC to claim rebate. Went into store over a dozen times not to mention the several phone calls that were made. Was told each and every time I would get my rebate, that Circut City would get UPC from another carton and I would receive a phone call as to status of my getting the rebate. I have yet to receive 1 phone call much less my rebate.

The purchase of the lap top along with added work from Fire Dog cost over 1, 000.00 dollars - then add the 200.00 - totaling 1, 200 + dollars. Not even the consideration of a 'promised' phone call.

Yesterday, 12/08/08 I received a coupon form Circut City that is valid thru 11/25/08. A lot of good this would do!

Circut City is in dire straights - financially. They deserve to be in this situation for ripping faithful and good customers off.

Even their mail isn't up dated.

The Torrance, CA store needs vast improvement with their customer relations - they lack skills and integrity. Seems all they know how to do is 'pass the buck' and lie with little or no intentions of helping their customer base, with the only ability of 'lying and ripping off', with no intentions of helping much less resolving a situation in favor oof customer. At the risk of not having to admit they are in fact the problem of making the mistake, which in my case was throwing out a UPC which was worth 200.00 and the amount spent in time and gas millage to to end up with zero satisfaction and rebate!

By the way, when trying too call corporate - circuits are always and continually busy - no one offers to take your name and number.

  29th of Jan, 2009
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I pay chasecircuit city monthly, the amount on the statement. The payment is rejected every month because of wrong account number. When I go to the web page I am able to get on the site with no problems using the account number that I use to send the payments to. Receive late payment fees!!

  29th of Jan, 2009
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ChaseCircuit city rejects my payment every month & charges me with a late fee because they say the account number is wrong. I am able to sign on the web site using the account number that I send payments to.???

  4th of Feb, 2009
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for years i have been making payments in circuit city and my bill was due yesterday and I went to a location, they told me they couldn't take my payment and to go to a chase bank instead. the next day I went to chase and they said I coulndt make a payment for circuit city credit card. What is going on????

  5th of Feb, 2009
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I Would Like "My Money Remebursed A.S.A.P"!! Sincerely Yours
Mrs Capo

  9th of Feb, 2009
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Chase Should be out of business along with Circuit City! they are nothing more than scam artists! Any and every credit card I have ever had was up front about everything. Not these people. I paid off my balance as stated on my monthly bill. The next month there is a finance charge! My bill was paid on time and no other charges were made. I thought it was a mistake, Maybe it didn't post or something. The next month now I have a late fee and more finance charges! So I call to find out what is up. The "customer service rep", would not speak to me because it was in my husbands name, she would take a payment, but nothing more! So I tried again a few days later and got someone who would explain this all to me. She said just pay the orginial finance charge because even though you paid in full, we dont charge the full finance charge until the day you pay?? I have never heard of such a thing! So I pay the finance charge (even though I think this is wrong) but she says she will take off the late fee and other finance charge...guess what we have been going through this now for 9 (nine) months!!! The phone does not stop ringing! we have spoken to numerous people, told them to listen to your recorded conversations! Promises to take care of it obviously does not happen! Last phone call I told them I was contacting my lawyer and that this was harrasment! THIS IS THE WORST CREDIT CARD COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD! HARRASSMENT, SWINDLERS AND EXTORTION COMES TO MY MIND!!!

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