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I had a Charter One bank account, after I asked them to increase my overdraft protection they said I was approved but did not increase it. My account went over drawn using up the current overdraft protection I had and then made my account negative $800.00 aprox. After weeks of talking to them on the phone they said they would refund the $800.00 back to my overdraft protection but remember my account was still negative $800.00. When they returned it to the over draft protection it then zeroed my account and put it back on my over draft protection and then charged me fees for over drawing my account again. Making my account negative again this time over $500.00, I talked to a branch manager and they said "lets open a new account to give you a fresh start until we figure out what is going wrong with your other account." so we opened up a new account and about a month later the day my check got deposit in to my account they withdrew over $520.00 to pay the other account off that I had refused to pay because it was all fees that they were after. At that same time I had my bills being paid as well from that account so not only did they take from the $600.00 that was deposit but my entire bike and rent payments were being pulled as well overdrawing my account once again to negative $370.00. I called them and asked what had happened they told me they had a right to take that money and will not refund it back to my other account. I told the woman on the phone that they should of notified me what they were going to do she responded, "If we told people that we were going to take money for right to restitution that they wouldn't deposit money into the account." to this day both of my overdraw protections are maxed out and one account still sits negative $370.00 and I refuse to pay them for their mistakes.

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      3rd of Apr, 2009

    I have a paycard from the company in witch I work for and here we go moneies are issued from charter one bank. I hadn't have any real problems until I found out one day while trying to use my card to withdraw monies my pin didn't work. I called the card company and stated to them the problem they assured me after telling me that there had been some fraudulant activity on other peoples accounts but getting a new pin would stop the matter and they sent me out a letter to confirm that they would give me Identiy thefth protection for a year to make sure noone uses my information. well on 4-1-09 I got paid at my job. that day I paid some bills leaving me at a 100.00 balance on the 2nd of april after getting off work I went to purchase some things and low and behold my money is gone how, when I didn't even use the card. I even called the card to see what my balance was it stated 18.00 but the crazy thing was the last five transactions only stated two zero dollar transactions and two .65 cents transactions, i spoke to a friend and they stated i need to call the card service to see what happened because there are ways a banker can go into your account and get your money. I called the card service again when speaking to the supervisor she stated to me that charter one was closing there doors due to a large amont of money over 100 thousand dollars being stolen from different accounts altogether now Im pissed because my employer didnt notify us of the situation he only stated that we weren't going to use the card service after a while now I'm freaking out because I don't know where my money is and I have children to take care of . If I work for my money then I expect it to be all accounted for and will this happen again? Im finding a bank before this happens again and why is it so hard for them to locate my money! VERY ANGRY MOTHER.

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      13th of Jun, 2009

    Charter One Bank took money out of my account to cover a loan payment (with charter one). Except they already received the payment i mailed in a few days prior to this. So they got double payment on this loan and to top if off they took the money out of our account when it wasnt even in there so i have a overdraft fee of 39.00. I didnt know about this second payment as nobody notified us they were taking it. So i was writing checks for this money i thought was in there. I called to find out why and they said they made a mistake and would put the extra payment they took out of the bank back into the account. Meanwhile I now have a total of 550 dollars in overdraft fee's where if they never took that double payment i wouldnt have overdrafted once! They refuse to give me any overdraft fee's back and i am furious!! They made the comment that i shouldnt have mailed in my payment. This is what i have done for the 6 years i have been paying on it. I get a monthly bill, write out a check and mail it off to them. Nothing different! They basically stole this money from me. They made a mistake and for that i had to pay out the a$$$. This is day 7 and waiting, extra payment is still pending and has not been put back into my account!

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