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Bank Of Africa Foundation / BOA Group Customer Care Service


BOA Group

418, Avenue de la Marne - BP 2249 - Bozola

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+223 20 295 604(Head Office) 2 0
+223 20 295 605(Head Office) 2 0
+33 142 961 140(France) 1 0
+225 20 303 400(Cote d’Ivoire) 1 0
+233 302 249 690(Ghana) 1 0
+254 203 275 000(Kenya­) 1 0
+250 787 468 010(Rwanda) 1 0
+261 202 239 100(Madagascar­) 1 0
+223 20 700 500(Mali­) 1 0
+253 21 353 016(Djibouti) 1 0
+227 20 733 620(Niger) 1 0
+243 993 004 600(Congo) 1 0
+221 338 656 467(Senegal) 1 0
+255 222 110 104(Tanzania­) 1 0
+228 22 536 262(Togo) 1 0
+257 22 201 111(Banque De Credit De Bujumbura) 1 0
+229 21 312 425(Banque De L’habitat Du Benin) 3 0
+229 21 313 228(Benin­) 1 0
+226 50 308 870(Burkina­ Faso­) 1 0
+256 414 302 001(Uganda) 1 0
+223 20 295 606(Head Office) 0 0
+33 142 961 168(France) 0 0
+225 20 303 401(Cote d’Ivoire) 0 0
+233 302 249 697(Ghana) 0 0
+254 202 211 477(Kenya­) 0 0
+261 202 229 408(Madagascar­) 0 0
+223 20 700 560(Mali­) 0 0
+253 21 351 638(Djibouti) 0 0
+227 20 733 818(Niger) 0 0
+221 338 204 283(Senegal) 0 0
+255 222 113 740(Tanzania­) 0 0
+256 414 230 902(Uganda) 0 0
Group­ Subsidiaries

6, Rue Cambacérès, 75008 Paris – France
Cote d’Ivoire
Angle Av. Terrasson de Fougères et Rue Gourgas 01 BP 4132 - Abidjan 01 - Côte d’Ivoire

Network­ Banks
C131/3, Farrar Avenue, Adabraka - P.O. Box C1541 Cantonments - Accra - Ghana
BOA House, Karuna Close, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands, P.O. Box 69562-00400, Nairobi - Kenya

KN 2 Chic Complex, P.O. Box: 265, Kigali

2, place de l’Indépendance, BP 183 - Antananarivo 101 - Madagascar
10, place Lagarde - BP 88 - Djibouti 

Rue du Gawèye - BP 10973 - Niamey - Niger 

22, Avenue des Aviateurs - Kinshasa-Gombe - RDC

Immeuble Elan - Route de Ngor, zone 12, quartier des Almadies-Dakar-Senegal

NDC Development House, Ohio Street/Kivukoni Front P.O. Box 3054 - Dar es Salaam - Tanzania
Boulevard de la République, BP 229 – Lomé – Togo

Plot 45 Jinja Road P.O. Box 2750 - Kampala - Uganda

Banque De Credit De Bujumbura (Bcb)
Mairie de Bujumbura - Avenue Patrice Lumumba BP 300 - Bujumbura - Burundi

Banque De L’habitat Du Benin (Bhb)
Boulevard de France - 01 BP 6555 - Cotonou - Bénin 
Fax: +229 21 312 460 

Avenue Jean-Paul II - 08 BP 0879 - Cotonou - Bénin
Fax: +229 21 313 117

Burkina­ Faso­
770, Av. du Président Aboubakar Sangoulé Lamizana 01 BP 1319 - Ouagadougou 01 - Burkina Faso
Fax: +226 50 308 874

Bank Of Africa Foundation / BOA Group Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of Africa / money never reflect

Cha o on Sep 30, 2018

My agency Military Texas sent to money Apr5/2018, total $6.000...Officer person Name is "Sharon lee Calhoun "she sent Bank Of Africa Bamako Mali, also account received name Bank Of Africa Gen. "Kenneth H Moore"his US Army Military also "Daevon Cuevas Bryan." Bank of Africa Bamako Mali...

Bank Of Africa / huge scam

Smitty 01 on May 15, 2018

This bank started contacting me 3 yrs ago. A Mr Douglas Wells, as well as the "Bank Manager" Aljaji N"Diayl Tidiane Cheikh. They had 7.5 mil for me from an inheritance yet always an excuse as to why they could not send the funds. All in all I paid them and they scammed me for over 100...

Bank Of Africa Foundation / BOA Group / bank

Raymond harrison on Mar 15, 2018

Hallo I have bank account101078050 I was told can transfer to uk no problem, now imf say I cant have to have a card, they want to charge me £522 to deliver when I can get it for £44 the bank is in lagos mrs rita john, and its getting rediculous is this the norm or scam, even the imf gave the...

Bank Of Africa & Alliance & Leicester International Limited / asking me to send £ 1,400.00 gbp to convert my $2m inherited

Williamsison on Jan 27, 2016

Last dec. 18, 2015 I received email from dr. issaka moumouni Foreign remmitance director, bank international of africa His no +226 7035 2946. telling me I inherited $2m from the late madam betty wolf then somehow they deposited the the money to the alliance leicester international limited...

Bank Of Africa / bennedict joseph

Brendalyn Staine on Jul 30, 2014

Good afternoon I received an email from a rev. Anthony who is claiming that a yound lady helen left me $300000 us. This rev. Anthony has sent me a person to contact through western union. The person is bennedit joseph from dakar, senegal. He is a fake and it is scam. I thnk these people need to be track down.

Bank Of Africa / fraud

jun90 on Apr 29, 2012

I have send a total sum of $16000 to the name call francis newman in burkina faso west africa can you please kindly take action When I see the fake cheaqe is too late

Bank Of Africa / email scam

Michael Hooper on Jun 9, 2011

I need your urgent assistance Reply me through this email [email protected] Dear friend, How are you? i know that this mail may come to you almost a surprise as we never met before and please before you proceed reading this mail, this is true and not an joke, well i saw your contact...

Bank Of Africa / scam!!! again!!!

Call me for more explaination.‏ From: asim. [email protected] fr Sent: wednesday, 23 june 2010 12:55:49 am To: damien roberts ([email protected]) From mr. asaim asam 15 av basawalga 15 kolughu naba av. Marital status: married. Occupation: banker. Telephone number.. Country: burkina...

Bank Of Africa / wanting bank info

This is the sequence of contacts. I told them if they wanted to send me a check to do it by snail mail and would not give them any bank info. The initial contact came through tagged. So these folks found my name and partial info there. Quit an effort and very sneaky. Take care. Fourth...

BOA / gold option loan

I need the original agreement that BOA sent out for their Gold option Fixed rate loan. I need this agreement for my lawyer to look over. I feel like I've been robbed. I took this loan out as a fixed rate loan for a period of 5 years to payoff. BOA sent me a letter stating that the...

Bank Of Africa / scam and lies


Gafary ibrahima adama Officier de crédit / change et Recouvrements des fonds & agrave; la bank Of africa (boa). ouagadougou Burkina faso Bonjour, Je m'appelle mr gafary ibrahima adama, employé & agrave; la bank of africa du burkina faso (boa bf), en tant que officier du...

Bank Of Africa / scam!!!

Dear friend, my name is dr tuoga hazem I am the manager of auditing and accounting department of bank of africa (b.o. a) here in ouagadougou, burkina my department we discovered an abandoned sum $10 million us dollars in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (mr...

Bank Of Africa / beware!

The desk of : mr azi kama Bank of africa (b.o. a) Ouagadougou burkina-faso, West africa. Dear friend, (private/confidential). I am mr azi kama the director in charge of auditing section bank of africa (. b.o. a) ouagadougou burkina-faso in west africa. for give my indignation if thi...

Bank Of Africa / scam!

Again this bank of africa! and with the same scam! Dear friend, greetings and compliments of the season, I know this message will come to you as a surprise. I am douba ahmed the foreign remittance manager. (bank of africa) b.o. a. here in burkina faso. I need your urgent assistance in...

Bank Of Africa / the same scam!

I also got the same scam! just look... You can now email me at: [email protected] - attention: please; I am mrs aicha diop. the manager audit & accounts banque international du burkina-faso (bib). I am writing to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $8.3million...

Bank Of Africa / stay away!

I found this in my email. I'm sure this is just another scam, so stay away from this bank and people! You can now email me at: [email protected] - from mr ibrahim ama bills and exchange manager, bank of africa (Boa) ouagadougou burkina faso. Dear friend I know that this mail will...

Bank Of Africa / don't trust them!


If you get the fallowing email, never trust these people! From: mr baro isa Bank of africa (Boa) Ouagadougou-burkina faso Dear friend, This message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it's just the urgent need for a foreign partner that made me to contact you for thi...

Bank Of Africa / scam


A couple of days ago I got this email: Dear friend, I am manager in charge of auditing and accounting unit foreign exchange department bank of africa (b.o. a) ouaga-burkina faso west africa, with due respect and regards, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be...

Bank Of Africa / wants your information


I told them I will bring in all copies from bank manager of africa that my husband receives stating after africa crash next of benefecery may be my husband to receive the money may be intitle to receive some inheirist. can you believe this and I will let f.b. i. know and I will get back to...

BOA Bank / rip off!

When will the government take on this monster. I didn't even open an account with them, they got it through default by eating up all their competition. The way they manage to shake me down for literally hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees would be called loan sharking if any person wa...