Charter communications / worst customer service and treatment

Asheville, NC, United States

I spent 67 total minutes speaking with various customer service reps. First rep Dakota was certainly attempting to be courteous, however she repeated the same "lines(clearly mandatory by company)" over 23 times. After 45 mins, waiting to get hersupervisor, the call was dropped. I called back and Adam answered. I asked if at all possible, could I be transferred to Dakota. Adam was very short and rude. " ya wanna just disconnect your service; nothing we can do but disconnect...did you hear me!?" He moved on to say some very inappropriate words and connected me, finally to his supervisor Joseph. Joseph was short upon introducing himself... and told me I should just forget about deals. He forwarded me to another supervisor, Jospeh, who had a fairly calm demeanor... still lower line type salesman speak. I spoke of customer loyalty. " Working with exisitng customers should be important" He repeated the same lines no less than ten times. And proceeded to say "NO WAY we can work on getting you better pricing. NOT POSSIBLE"
I believe customer service should be " Let me seewhat we can do; we want to keep you". The absolute opposite was each person's sell. Horrible. And, it was a request to work on somehow decreasing monthly bill back down( not a hell of a lot of money) ... NO NO NO NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING WE CAN DO NOTHING WE WILL DO. YOU CAN JUST DISCONNECT SERVICE.
Veteran packages...mentioned this and was laughed at and "NO WAY"
I believe this growing corporation has the responsibility to respond to customers and work hard at educating customer sales service people about PROPER SPEECH, INTEGRITY, EMPATHY, AND THE VALUE OF RESPECT.
I am unable to recommend this company. I am shocked at what transpired.
LOYALTY should be rewarded, not thwarted!

I do expect adequate attention to thismatter from wherever the higher customer service reps reside. Absolutely unacceptable.

Feb 5, 2017

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