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I called in Dec/2016 to check on internet and phone for my business, and was told I was in a area they did not service. I called back shortly and was told that they could check it and may take a few days. I was called back and discussed at length what it would take cost and all aspects of this change. I ask if I needed to purchase any equipment and if there were any charges associated with being put in and I was told there was not, the person name was Meryl. I made it a point to ask this ? as I could not justify the change to them if it was going to cost me anything and I made this clear. She said I had to sign a paper on the email, it did not come through for me to sign the first couple of times and when it finally opened up for me to sign, my mistake was signing it as she was in a hurry and said go to last page and sign so she could get it scheduled, so I did sign it. They installed on 22nd of Dec/2016 and and I then received a bill on the 27th for a install fee and first month in advance that was due on 30th of Dec/2016 of the month not a reasonable amount of time to to pay a bill, I ask several times when I set this up if I would incur any charges and was told know .See the Top 10 Worst Companies in DeLand, FL I immediately called about this and was told I had signed a piece of paper with this on it, and that they would have the person who set it up call within 24 to 48 hours and today is now the 24th of Jan/17 over 30 days later and she calls and tells me I signed a piece of paper with all of these on there, I explained that she had been ask over and over about cost and she explained nothing, and said nothing about these charges being in advance and any installation cost, very shady business practice on her part, omitting things to get a sale is very deceptive on this sales person part. Also I called again after I received the bill and spoke to someone when she didn't call within 24 to 48 hours as they had told me, and was told by that person that they would put in for this installation to be waived and that I would hear from someone within 3 days on a decision, did I ever hear from someone? Know! I did receive a call from someone wanting me to sign papers about something to do with this installation and I informed him that until they addressed this matter I would sign nothing at that point, that was in Dec/2016 and now the first call I receive is from Meryl over a month later, after she was suppose to be in contact in 24 to 48 hours. Really is this how you conduct business, I still have not heard anything on the Installation being waived and I feel this is very bad business sense I called and tried to take care of this matter in a timely matter and I was lead to believe that there was no cost, just so this person could get a sale, and she didn't answer a email from her company for a month. A month later is not acceptable even the IRS answers within 30 days. I did pay the service bill as soon as I could for the month in advance as I am getting the service but sense know one will address the installation charges with me as they said they would I did not include that in my payment. Why is it so hard for a business to be truthful and follow through with what they tell you that they are going to do. Still waiting???????????

Jan 24, 2017

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