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Binghamton, NY, United States

I originally got Internet service for $49.99 per month. One day a sales person called me and promised me that if I upgraded to cable television that I could cancel at any time, "risk free", and go back to my original $49.99 per month bill.
Sure enough, after I canceled the cable television my bill is higher now $59.99
After complaining to customer service, they insured me that my bill would be lowered back to the original $49.99 and they gave me a $20 credit for my troubles.
Now my bill is still $59.99 and when I called customer service, I spoke to a supervisor who informed me that the previous two customer service representatives and sales people were either lying or incompetent. This is gross. Spectrum needs to honor the promises that it's employees make. I want my Bill to go back to what was promised to me... Twice.
This is upsetting and I will not renew once my service is over. I have also told all my friends and coworkers about the story.
I'm not asking for much, just that our agreement be honored.
I'm going to send this story to several websites that publish information about companies that utilize deceiving and dishonest business practices

Sep 22, 2017

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